Hashimoto’s and Hepatitis C

Hashimoto's and Hepatitis C

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Hepatitis C and Hashimoto’s, and I have one of these cases going right now that’s, why I kind of thought this would be a good one to do. Just maybe think I don’t think we’ve ever done this one before so so, hepatitis C it’s.

It’s, a it’s, curable yeah! This is going to be the key. It’s, a curable form of hepatitis. Ok, this apatite’s a B and C hepatitis B is is incurable. Everybody pretty much agrees with that, and but ain’t and and C are thought to be curable.

But if you read in some of the literature, as I have done and and you’ll – see even in the research literature that is printed where they summarize the research project and then it ends up in a journal.

Perhaps C they’ll actually put Hep C is quote-unquote curable, so those quotation marks mean a lot. They mean you can take. The treatment and the Hep C virus will become deactivated would probably be a better word for will become deactivated and well, but that Hep C virus will then become what we call a stealth pathogen.

In other words, it doesn’t, go away. Okay, it’s like becomes dormant. Alright, it’s. Still in you, those of you who are familiar with the epstein-barr virus, most people – I say I’ve, seen more virus to they go yeah.

Everyone’s, got it. It’s, kind of like that when once you get it, okay, it’s, not as prevalent as epstein-barr virus by any stretch of the imagination, but once you get it, you got it, and here’s here’s the deal, so if you have Hashimoto’s and you are just popping along – let’s say you’ve, come to us and we ‘

Ve got you all wired and life is good and you’re eating right. You know your sensitivities are, and you’re, taking care of the different parts of what we call the physiological web of the connections between your thyroid and your liver on your thyroid in your and your gut, your thyroid and your brain, and all these Types of things, and we’d, figured all that out free and life’s good.

You know we haven’t seen a year and a half and all sudden you go. You call us and go. Oh, my god. Everything came back like everything and I’m, getting a swollen thyroid and it’s swelling and it’s not swelling, and it’s, and I’m getting anxiety.

I’m. Getting that usually is going to be some sort of a pathogenic infection or a chemical exposure. Usually, when it’s that wrap it in the end and the thyroid start swelling stuff like that, and you know I saw I had a gentleman that I’m working with.

I hope you’re, not watching. Maybe you are watching, but I’m John. We’re going. We had this conversation, he’ll. He’ll, he’ll know we had this conversation like three weeks ago and he was you know he understood that it was cured as dr.

Tolin was cured, but I don’t think was cured. It was cured, but it there’s, a good chance that his picture is so clinically appropriate to what’s going on here. It’s, a good chance that the Hep hepatitis C would set off this gentleman’s problem in the first place years ago.

Okay has been activated. What would activate it? Well, a stress would activate it anything that brings you down. It’s kind of like. When did you get a flu? You get a flu when you’re compromised? Who’s? Who you know who gets the flu and and and when do you get shingles shingles is one of these viruses that they sit in in in in your system? And then, if you’ve worked too hard.

Maybe gotten stressed, maybe you just haven’t taken care of yourself. Your your physiology goes down. Your immune system goes down and boom next thing. You know you got shingles. This is like that. So so you can look around and say: oh my god.

What’s going on get back on the Internet? I’m, trying to figure all this out. What did doctor other tell me two years ago here I got this whole planet. I’m trying out it’s, not working, and the key would be to go after that virus again.

The key would be to become aware that it looks like a viral infection test for it see if it ‘ S been activated if some activated there are numerous protocols that you can do to attack that viral infection, and so I think that was rather interesting.

There’s. A number of these epstein-barr virus is one, cytomegalovirus is one. The hhv-6 virus is one. So there’s there’s about eight of them that are like that book, but Hep C. The reason I’m, bringing this up is.

This is really common like we. This is really one of the more common pathogens that that actually trigger and set off Hashimoto’s, so it’s. I think this is like you know big deal free to now, because right there’s.

Commercials out there right now at least for last year, I hear among a lot you may have Hep C you don’t know it doesn’t. Give you any symptoms. You got to come in and get checked for it so that we can do it and that we can do it.

Well, you those people need to go in and get and it’s like being dormant anyway, but they they’re. There they’re thinking is that they they give a shot it’s. It’s, not gonna it’s, not gonna come back.

My understanding of it is that’s, not true. So this is a kind of an interesting little controversial area, but I just want to let you my listeners here know my viewers here know that if you have to have C and you’re, having an odd exacerbation and that exacerbation is a lot Of flu-like, I feel, like I got the flu you know I’m, getting the swelling.

I’m, getting swelling in my lymph nodes. It’s fatigue, then all that type of stuff. If you had Hep C and you’ve been told that it’s cured. It certainly can be what has triggered this, especially during these times.

I think we’re in this timeframe of lots of crazy things going on there, people being shut down people losing their businesses through this kovat nineteen thing. Now we have more stuff going on in in the universe of elections coming up, and we have all this type of timely stuff relative to two other things that are happening in society.

All these things are causing our stress. You have you have this stress. You have this flare-up think it may not be Kovan nineteen in a it. Maybe I have to fight all. Have viruses flaring up and giving you this so it’s kind of like the full caps encapsulation of it as much as I can in this short period of time.

So so hepatitis C and Hashimoto’s. Thyroiditis there we go. You

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