Hashimoto’s and Hair Loss

Hashimoto's and Hair Loss

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I think most of you probably know that I have Hashimoto’s and I was there actually one of the early diagnosis, the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s back. When the doctor told me I had it nobody, I didn’t even never even heard of it and in the doctor know nobody’s heard of it, but everybody & # 39.

S got it that was awhile ago and he was right and I had the classic symptoms. Actually, what happened to me was, I got pneumonia and I I was under a lot of stress and boom. The whole hit triggered a whole autoimmune cascade in not just Hashimoto’s, but celiac and other things, and it’s.

Interesting. The two things that I noticed the most was actually the things I put on weight like immediately, but my hair started thinning and – and I was suddenly finding that, like I had large clumps of hair in my my sink and all my brush and stuff like that And my eyebrows were going away this was years ago and you’ll notice.

Maybe you’ll notice. I don’t know my hair is kind of back. I mean there was a point where you look and see my skull and my graphs were gone, so I mean it’s, it’s, just part and parcel to the hypothyroid aspect of Hashimoto’s.

Essentially, everything slows down your you. Hair loss can come from a poor, liver function, so thyroid slows everything down next thing. You know you’re, not getting proper liver function. Now you’re, not breaking down enzymes.

You’re, not breaking making proteins that make your hair. You could get it’s and it’s, not a direct autoimmune attack on the hair. It’s, altering your physical. It’s, altering your hormonal function in women.

It’s hot it’s, altering your estrogen receptor sites so where the estrogen gets into your cell starts not working right in both men and women. It starts honking up your your your livers, ability to clear to produce vitamins.

You know biotin is like it really gets, biotin right when, when they so liver, produces B vitamins, so it’s, not producing the vitamins clumped out there’s. Toxins, it’s toxic and the next thing you know you’re, not getting the nutrients and you start losing hair, but it’s, but it’s.

It’s, not like a direct hit on on your hair; okay, so you can get alopecia if you’ve ever seen. Anybody who has like specific chunks of hair that just come out all at once that’s. Autoimmunity now now you you, don’t, get one autoimmunity in isolation.

Now it’s, it’s. Almost I’ve, almost never seen it. There’s, always like autoimmunity of Hashimoto’s and rheumatoid arthritis or Hashimoto’s and celiac or Hashimoto’s and get anybody steer or cerebellum or Hashimoto’s and get anybody to your pancreas And what you start getting blood sugar issues, so you can have that kind of cross reaction.

I haven’t seen it. I’ve, seen it a number of times it’s and where the person has had that alopecia. But I don’t think along with Hashimoto’s, but I don’t think that’s. What the question was asking. I think this question was asking his Hashimoto’s, causing eye hair off.

So indirectly, yes, indirectly, it’s, one of those common things. It’s, it will it will, you will go in the hypothyroid and one of the classic signs of Hashimoto & # 39. S is minor, starts falling out.

I mean if someone Cassell’s me. I just had a baby, no sudden, everything it’s. Just like I’m, put in long way. My skin is drying out. Almost almost in Evolet, you’re gonna tell me and my hair is falling out and by the way, yeah.

Thank you come in with Hashimoto’s and cancer, and you’re getting and I you could help the person with like they get rid of the cancer and you could get the Asha boaters under control. But if the weight doesn’t go away and the hair flying out doesn’t, stop they always kind of considered that I didn’t do a very good, so it’s.

An important thing. It’s, an important thing and, and it can be certainly you know Hashimoto’s yeah. I’m here lost. That is a that is, like suspect, number one. Probably, okay,

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