Hashimoto’s and Fibromyalgia

Hashimoto's and Fibromyalgia

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I you know we’ve done a lot on this over the years and again there’s. A lot of this on our our on our power. Health talk comm site and you can look up. Hashimoto’s, and and and you can look up fibromyalgia and you look up Hashimoto’s in fibromyalgia.

But you know it’s, interesting because the question of the week so to speak and and and it’s, how it’s, it’s kind of how it started it’s kind of, Like how this whole thing started, you’re. You’re. Looking on Google, you’re looking on the internet and you’re getting all this stuff.

It started back in the 90s, with chronic fatigue, immunodeficiency disease and and everybody who had that back in the 90s, so it’s considered a nut case. You know like yeah, you need to go, see the psychologist and, and so so started out with that, with chronic pain with the alternative health care, guys going.

No, they’re, not crazy. You know they they they, I can feel it. I could feel they’re tender, they’re, sick and and and so everybody’s. Looking for the answer back then, and people who were looking for like oh it’s heavy metals.

Sometimes, oh, it’s, all parasites, that’s, another whole topic, but sometimes and and and on and on and on. There was all kinds of theories on it: Epstein Barr virus. We now know I’ve, seen where virus is one of 39 different triggers okay, and so we went through that whole thing and it was a.

It was discovered at one point in time that by a couple of clinicians that all sudden, they started realized that all of their vibrant, that it worked in from chronic fatigue syndrome to fibromyalgia, cos because a lot of the pain.

And then I morphed into calling it fibromyalgia and then sort of certain clinicians that started to realize that every fibromyalgia patients there was had some sort of abnormal thyroid problem. They all had.

They were all in thyroid medication and that the thyroid medication, wasn’t really helping, because their thyroid numbers were still all over the place. Further investigation into that was when it was discovered that these were not hypothyroid patients.

They all had Hashimoto’s, and so there was an original. There was an original understanding of that. There’s, a whole story to that, and it was tough, but in the end fast forward about 20 years now, and what we now know is when you get Hashimoto’s and who’s, the fibromyalgia patients, primary education, Overweight fatigued, tired and constipation pain everywhere, some people have painted her torso.

Some people have pain here. It comes to go. Some people have bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. Some people have no pain, shooting down their arm and peripheral neuropathy. They’ve. Gotten a checked. Everything’s normal, you know how could everything be normal and it turns out that so much of this is related to Hashimoto’s like I said fast forward, 20 years later, and – and we now know, Hashimoto ‘

S is connected to well, let’s. Just start with the the brain got brain thing and the Hashimoto’s got thing. We know that Hashimoto’s, causes leaky got now. We know that HA that breaks down the gut. The next thing you know you got things getting out of the gut one of the things that can get out of the gut.

There are many things that can get out of the gap, but one of the things I can get out again that’s called a lipopolysaccharides. It gets out it breaks down it’s. Cell wall gets out it’s called an endotoxin, a toxin coming from your endo, your in your intestines.

It can cause anything it can cause Hashimoto’s in inhibition cycle. It can cause inflammation, it can cause joint pain, it can cause autoimmunity in general. It can turn on almost any other autoimmune thing that you have the Hashimoto’s.

The the thyroid in and of itself can actually create inflammatory processes. It can create a cascade of inflammatory processes. It has a receptor sites in every single cell of your body. So I’m just gonna run down for you.

I’m, not gonna hit them all cuz there’s, so many I’m, not gonna hit them all, because I’m, not gonna. Remember them all. Honestly. It’s. Gon na be like it’s, gonna be like Hashimoto ‘ S can hit your cerebellum Hashimoto ‘

S. Can talk to your cerebellum and the next thing you know you’ve got dizziness vertigo balance. You can have migraines, you can have blurred vision, stiff neck, that won’t, go away, it can hit myelin antibodies, particular to the into the cerebellum but myelin antibodies by the way or the antibodies that cause MS and they’re.

Starting to think that there might be a connection there, it can create an inflammation in your brain. It can decrease oxygen to your brain, and so that can cause brain inflammation. Brain fog, and I can’t.

Think and I’m depressed and so on and so forth. Depression is everybody comes in ears, gosh and whether this is on some sort of hand side of the present. It can cause anxiety when you get an attack on it cause.

I anxiety in cause panic attack. This is your fibromyalgia patient. Is it not again and, and so it kind of it causes leaky got it can stop you from fixing leaky got. It has a relationship to your stomach and and and if you get Hashimoto’s and and attack on your thyroid, you can get another attack on your on the parietal cells or in your stomach.

Those are cells that make the acid next thing. You know you got GERD, you got stomach problems. You got gut problems. What fibromyalgia patient comes in here, doesn’t have got problems of constipation that’s thyroid.

That can be a number of other things. It can cause that’s. All that’s, autoimmune gastritis! It can cause autoimmune hepatitis. It can slow down everything so that your so that your liver, isn’t really producing or processing fats correctly.

So so your lipids are up everything’s up, and then you’re in here, and they’re. Giving you statin drugs, because and and and the statin drugs are causing you to have muscle damage and pain and muscle pain.

What fiber I’ve had ton of fibromyalgia patients who’s coming here. That was part of their fibromyalgia thing. So the bottom line is is fibromyalgia, was it was a term that they coined? Then it was, it was.

The term was incorrect, but at the time they thought it was pain in the muscle fibers. So that’s. What it means, fibro Myo means muscle algin, means pain, but it’s, not that it’s more neurological pain, but yet it’s, nor logical pain caused by abnormalities and all of these systems.

And so there are a number of things that you’ll, see in in fibromyalgia. But but we were just talking about it. The gentleman here behind the Cabana camera before him and and when I had another colleague here – and we were talking about how many you know came in with fibromyalgia – had Hashimoto’s and he said, like 80 %.

I can’t. Remember any patient who has ever come in here with five mad. You didn’t, have much tomatoes so somewhere between eighty and a hundred percent of people who have fibromyalgia have Hashima. So it’s, a huge connection.

I mean yeah and, and truly you know for the for your edification, for those of you are watching this because a lot of people come in and they’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. You might pick be picking this up, and what does that mean? Because because I I mean um today, when I get people come in with a mystery disease, what does that mean? Mystery? Disease means they’ve been to ten doctors, they’ve been the neurologists they’ve, been to chronologiste.

They’ve, been to the GP they’ve had all their tests. Everything is normal. The mystery disease first thing I’m. Doing it’s. Looking for anybody, so thyroid full disclosure. You got a mystery disease. I had one yesterday and it seemed like a pure neurological problem by the time we stripped down this history.

I’m, like we’re running antibodies on you, because I think you have Hashimoto’s and I don’t look for it. It’s, just like that’s. What shows up – and here people show up in here with these chronic chronic, chronic chronic conditions with with normal, you know, testing or now with testing that’s, not normal, but they’re still, not getting better.

First thing I’m: doing is running anybody, so I’m, see if they, if they have Hashimoto’s, and if they come in here and they have all that stuff and they have Hashimoto’s. That’s, going to be kind of the core of my attack to start with, because there could be multiple things with the chronic condition: patients, but but Hashimoto’s and and and and chronic conditions.

In addition to fibromyalgia, is it’s? It’s, it’s, crazy, it’s. It is a is a big deal to look for it and yes, if you have fibromyalgia, you have Hashimoto’s and if they told you you don’t go find another doctor to check the antibodies and if they tell you normal, Go eat a big glob of pizza and then go take the antibodies.

I’m telling you the antibodies are gonna come up. You have Hashimoto’s, so that’s. My viewpoint on Hashimoto’s from working with it now, for god knows how many years so, okay, so that’s it for today. I hope you enjoy that any confidence on that which I suspect there might be.

I’m open to here. All right take care. You

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