Hashimoto’s and Constipation

Hashimoto's and Constipation

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Where the hashimoto’s might be the cause of your constipation. It’s, stunning. To me how many people have no idea that they’ve had constipation like forever and that their thyroid was the problem, so so hashimoto’s.

Immunity against your thyroid heart, palpitations, anxiety, panic, attacks to different degrees. For some of you, there’s. Actually, some of you, don’t, have those symptoms. Yet that’s called silent autoimmunity, but in the end the core of hashimoto’s.

Is that it’s? A hypothyroid problem, the the the the the thyroid itself, gets beat up by the immune system: okay and depending on the degree of destruction to your thyroid. You will get a variety of the symptoms i just got done talking about, but you always get a hypothyroid.

Your thyroid will always ultimately go into hypo function. Okay, i’m, going to take them back. There is a thin hyperactive hashimoto’s, patient. They are far in the minority, but 90 95 time you’re, going to get hypothyroid.

I just the word hypo pretty much defines it all the thyroid controls all your energy and controls your temperature right, but it controls your energy it literally. So if it, when it slows down it slows everything down, i can talk about hypothyroidism, constipation, hypothyroidism and female hormones and hypothyroidism and poor digestion and stuff like that relative to to that.

So so hypothyroid, I think, is the number two cause of constipation that I see in my practice. Number one causes stress by the way: chronic stress but and and chronic stress can cause the hypothyroid uh, the hashimoto’s, which can both cause constipation.

The hypothyroid does it just by slowing the whole digestive chain down. It basically slows down the ability of your stomach’s. What are called parietal cells to make hydrochloric acid you don’t, make that you can’t sterilize.

Your food, you can’t hydrochloric acid sterilizes, your food before it gets. You know to your gallbladder, your pancreas and your intestines. It it digests your your proteins. It creates a proper acidic balance in there for those of you who are the alkaline people, we need an acidic bolus to go down into the into the uh slightly acidic um, uh intestines, so that we have a nice natural environment to kill viruses and bacterias and Parasites well that doesn’t happen when the thyroid starts slowing down and then and then there’s a and then there’s, a signal that goes from the stomach to the gallbladder.

So the stomach tells the gallbladder not to work, because it doesn’t have enough. Hydrochloric, acid and the bolus is not acidic, and the bolus is not chopped up, but also the thyroid directly causes your gallbladder to get slower and to not eject your bile.

The way it should be it’s called an ejection fraction. For those of you who’ve, had your gallbladders checked had them taken out. You know what an ejection fraction is, because that’s, what they measure they measure how your gallbladder is is pumping and they look at stones and stuff like that, but this will compute.

This will cause you to create stones, despite what you eat and then same thing with pancreas. It slows down the pancreas. So now you’re, not making enough digestive enzymes. You’re, not making enough hydrochloric acid, all bladders struggling and they want to take it out.

So let’s. You know let’s. Let’s. Give you out let’s. Give you almeprazole the antacids for your stomach and let’s. Uh! Let’s. Take your gallbladder out and you know let’s. Give you uh something for your for your pancreas.

Maybe maybe you go to an alternative practitioner for your pancreas and get pancreatic enzymes, and so let’s. Give you all that and and the person feels better temporarily, but that’s only going to last a while, because if the thyroid is still a problem, everything is going to keep slowing down.

All of that is going to cause you to not digest your bolus right. All of that is ultimately going to could lead to anything. It could lead to inflammation on the inside of your stomach. It could lead to leaky gut.

It could lead to food sensitivities. It could lead to small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. Eventually, it could lead to you having massive food sensitivities, but it certainly is going to lead to you having constipation, because you’re, not digesting anything.

The inside of your intestines isn’t going right, so so the waters aren’t going to be absorbed. The nutrients aren’t going to be broken down right. The acidity in your stomach is going to become alkaline and all that stuff is going to cause you to have constipation.

So i mean it’s. Really it’s, really a a very, very common cause of constipation. It’s, it’s, uh um. So what’s the cause? So what’s? The solution for that? By the way you know what is the solution for it’s? The solution to take to take antacids in your for your for your stomach or even hydrochloric acid, even apple cider, vinegar, which will which will help temporarily okay or is it to take pancreatic enzymes or take like bile salts for your gallbladder.

Take all that and then come in here and tell me i already cured all that i already healed all that i get that a lot a little button on that because it’s kind of like well. What are you doing here? You know you’re doing here, because you haven’t really dug in and figured out what the what the root cause of the problem was now the root cause of the problems in my office is usually going to be hashimoto’s and or chronic stress responses or both well, she might have had 39 different triggers.

That kind of, like is a whole different ball game and maybe figure out which one or two or three triggers there is. Has your? Have your whole digestive chain start opening up, as opposed to taking apple cider, vinegar for the rest of your life, unless you need to unless you have like autoimmune gastritis or you have something on your stomach that can’t make hydrochloric acid, you know, Or have your gallbladder out, i had my gallbladder out and everything felt better.

You need your gallbladder. Let me tell you, you need your gallbladder and then you have and in your pancreas, so it’s, so that’s. Hashimoto’s, slash hypothyroidism and constipation, and it’s. It’s, you know.

Well, we’ll use things which you already know about. Well, i mean we’ll use smooth tea. We’ll use, we’ll use magnesium, four or five hundred milligrams. Well, you will use whatever it is, depending on what person has if they have some.

If they have parkinson’s or if they have some like neurodegeneration, we might use neurotransmitters. But there’s, a number of things we can use to get people’s, bowels moving that’s not, but that’s. Hopefully, temporary you know do that in the beginning, because you want a person’s, balance moving.

Why do you want your bowels moving? Because it feels better? But because if because that’s, the final part of detoxification is getting all those toxins into the toilet. So so we’ll. We’ll. We’ll, do what we’ll.

Do dr google? If you will, you can look online and see all that and uh. We’ll. Do that in the beginning, while we then go back and attack the root cause to ultimately be able to establish a proper digestive change so that that person’s, bowel movements become normal and boy a lot of things change.

When you do that. Okay, i think that’ll, do it for today you

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