Hashimoto’s and Candida

Hashimoto's and Candida

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Candida today, uh – and i think maybe i’m gonna – give you some new data on this. I get i mean just everybody comes in here as candida everybody, everybody comes in here. We evaluate them, they got the you know, they got the thrush mouth there, um and and it it’s in there and they’ve gone and they ‘

Ve done the candida diet and they’ve removed. All the sugars and and they’ve, taken the candida supplements and they come and go when it comes to going. It comes and goes and comes and goes, and so i think i just wanted to i.

So if you’re, looking at this, you probably like know what candida is, you probably know, you know a lot of things about it without without going into all the all of the specifics of the yeast fungal candida um chemistry, but in the end, What we’ve come to see is that the the number one cause of people getting candida and not having the ability to get rid of it with all of the things that are going on is a lack of hydrochloric acid in your stomach.

So hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and if you’ve been watching these clips, you’re, probably sick and tired of hearing me say this, but hashimoto’s. Hypothyroidism slows down the ability of your stomach to make hydrochloric acid, the acid in there that digests your proteins, okay, and it also is there to sterilize your foods and to sterilize the contents of what goes into your ultimately goes into your intestines and in its process Of sterilization, it is supposed to kill things that are trying to take over.

If you will so everybody’s got candida in them a little bit of candida uh. Some people argue everybody’s, got h. Pylori! I’m. Not sure about that one, a lot of people get sibo, you get parasites, you get a lot of things that come from outside, we ingested viruses and stuff and it gets into our food and or we we ingest it and it goes into our intestines.

So the hydrochloric acid is supposed to keep that environment in the stomach is sit enough to kill that acidic enough to kill those things. If you don’t have enough hydrochloric acid in that in that chyme and that gastric juice, you’re, not going to kill it, and so you and and there’s.

Another cause of this. By the way that i’ll just mention it uh stress – stress, the combination of stress and hashimoto’s, which i almost see almost all the time is just stress will cause you to be in fight flight.

When you’re in fight flight, your brain’s, telling your stomach not to do anything. Don’t make hydrochloric acid don’t digest don’t. Do anything. We just got a fight or flea, and, and so you have the stomach, pretty much being shut down by that and you have the and if you have hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism at the same time, then you have the stomach being slowed down so That it doesn’t make enough hydrochloric acid.

You have two, those two: it’s killer and you’re, and and so you’re. It’s, going to break down your digestive chain and and and that starts with your stomach, but it’s, also going to break down your ability to sterilize um, the bad guys, and so you go out you find out.

You got candida you get on the diet, you you’re. Fine, you get off the diet, you’re, not fine! You do a candida cleanse. You take the supplements. You do that you’re fine for two weeks. It comes back because you don’t, have enough hydrochloric acid in your stomach, to kill the nitis, the area, the hydrochloric, the the candida, in your stomach, that just kind of fulminates into all this sort of stuff um.

It was something that uh i started to observe at one point in time, just kind of colloquially. I thought boy. Every time i give these people like hydrochloric acid, their candida, does better and then eventually i was in some classes where they talked about it and said the number one cause of candida chronic candida is a lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and sure enough started.

Paying attention to that in in in certain clinical cases that were that were uh more difficult, i mean i one patient, i i had them taking like six. No, i hadn’t taken, like nine hydrochloric acid tablets, a meal for three meals a day for like two weeks and then and then everything started to clear up and then we started to take it down.

Take it down, take it down, take it down to to to seven, then the sixth, then the five and then got it down to now. I think i i think they take like as a maintenance dose, i think, take one or two hydrochloric acid tablets a day.

Now you have to you have to you have to work with with them. I mean if the person’s got small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. You got to get that under control, but you got to make sure the hydrochloric acid is there if they have a leaky gut.

If they have, you know h, pylori, whatever the person has also has to be dealt with, you can’t. Those are all bacterial infections. You can’t, you can’t just go after the candida and expect it to go, and you got all of this other stuff feeding it so, but in an isolated sense.

The biggest problem i see with people that have candida is that they have obviously they have a bad gut, but it starts in the it starts in the stomach like a lack of hydrochloric acid. Two most common problems – actually stress – is probably the number one most common, but hashimoto ‘

S is right up there. I would. I would put hashimoto’s as number two cause of people getting candida because of lack of hydrochloric acid in her stomach and thus creating an inability to get rid of it because they don ‘

T know that, and they’re, not addressing that aspect of it, so that’s, it candida and hashimoto’s. You

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