Hashimoto’s and Botox

Hashimoto's and Botox

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About Hashimoto’s and Botox, and I think this is a very, very, very important topic and it’s. It’s, it it’s, something that has become more understood in the world of Hashimoto’s just recently. Okay, I have a paper in front of me and it’s.

It’s. A picture of a Time magazine article, okay, not fairly recent and the article is about how Botox is becoming used for depression, heart trouble, it says, forget: wrinkles Botox is now being used to treat migraines depression, heart conditions, twitching eyes, overactive bladder, sweaty pumps and more for Some of you who may not be familiar with Botox it’s, a neurotoxin, it’s called Clostridium botulinum.

It’s, a neurotoxin, it paralyzes nerves. When you inject it in that area, the article goes on to say some call it a marvel of Medicine, others caution that the risks are still unknown. So I’m about to share one of the unknown risks with you.

That is now it’s known the the researchers who are researching. This are kind of tiptoeing into it, because there’s, a lot of players in the Botox field. If you will, there was over two hundred and fifty two point: five million shots of Botox given last year for these issues, but also for cosmetic issues and what they’re now, showing is that Botox is a bacteria, so it’s.

A bacteria that paralyzes the nerves, so you can put a shot into an area where you have wrinkles. It will paralyze that area the whole muscle will relax and the wrinkles will go away. You can put a shot into an area where a nerve is over firing, and – and so you put that in there and the next thing you know you that nerve stops over firing frequently in here from migraine, headache: okay, so it’s.

Certainly tempting because it’s, quick, it’s, easy it’s a shot, and it works an awful lot of the time for what they’re using it. For, however, this bacterium is, Clostridium bacterium happens to mimic it’s called molecular mimicry and it’s involved in mote and in most thought of immunities in in in Hashimoto’s.

There’s, a classic molecular mimicry pattern where there’s, molecules and metabolites on a gluten protein that look exactly like molecules on the thyroid tissue, which look exactly like molecules on your cerebellum and it’s called the molecular Mimicry and what that means in English, is you get an attack on one of those things you get an attack on that gluten protein and and the tissue here on your thyroid and the tissue on your cerebellum? Look exactly like the tissue that’s? Being attacked on that gluten, if you have that, then you eat the gluten and you get all the cyber symptoms.

You get all the cerebellar symptoms. These vertigo balance, migraines blurred vision, muscles that won’t turn on and off, and you walk in your doctor. You put that, together with all your heart motor symptoms, your doctor standing there glassy-eyed going like what the hell is going on here right.

That’s, what they’re, finding out that Botox does and it’s, not small. One of the studies that I saw was that relative to people they did study on a. I was several hundred people who had Hashimoto’s. Some of them had no symptoms.

They saw that if they took a shot that the antibodies would skyrocket, the the that the immune attack on the thyroid would actually skyrocket. But with this molecular mimicry, what can occur is, is you may have silent autoimmunity, so you might have Hashimoto’s and not know it.

It’s called silent autoimmunity. You have the propensity to have an attack on your thyroid and you’re, not getting any symptoms. Nobody’s looking for it. So nobody knows it’s there and but then, as time goes on and and and you do all of the things that can have caused this immune attack to start attacking your thyroid more you get.

You know. High blood sugar, low blood sugar got problems, bad bacterial infections, in your gut food sensitivities, toxicities nutrient deficiencies. All of these things they can cause inflammation every one of those can make.

You can make this start to do more. It can make the immune system start to do more, and so I mean not enough not enough sleep, no exercise poor relationships. I mean all these things, but if you’re, if you’re, a person that’s pretty healthy and you’re and you’re exercising and you’re eating right and You’re doing a lot of things.

This immune attack may never get to the point where it really becomes serious enough for you to even know you got it, but a shot of Botox will but a shot of Botox, not all the time. According to studies, but a shot of Botox, a significant percentage at a time will will set the immune system off, because that person already has an autoimmune attack against or thyroid that they don’t know they have now they take the Botox and all Of a sudden there, you have this molecular mimicry where the immune system starts, attacking the Botox, then it starts attacking the thyroid more and the next thing you know you have now set off a Hashimoto’s response and you’re off To the doctor and your fly, lab tests are normal and you’re irritable and you ‘

Ve got short temper and you’re and you’re, putting on weight and your hair is falling out and you have anxiety and heart, palpitations and and now all that type of stuff and your TS, your thyroid, stimulating hormone is normal And you’re, going like what happened.

Why didn’t do anything? Well, how did it happen? Just came out of nowhere. What did you do? I didn’t. Do anything because you’re, not going to say? Oh, I got a Botox shot II. Think that was it. It’s a big deal.

This is gonna be interesting to see how this plays with it being used in so many different areas. But as this magazine points out, investigations are going forward on what these unknown medical risks are, and this study was a part of that.

So we may find out that you know sometimes it’s like when things are too easy. There’s, just not always the right thing to do so. Yeah. If you’re doing boy Botox for migraines, I get it. I get it, there are other ways, but that’s, an easy way.

Okay, if it works for you, but if you’re, doing it for cosmetic purposes. I don’t know if the trade-off is really worth it, but you have to decide on that. So so as a big one, Botox and Hashimoto’s, it’s for real, and you’re, probably gonna hear about more about it on a future.

I just really just came across it a couple of weeks ago and I was like, like sitting there stunned with my mouth wide open, so so that’s, it Botox and Hashimoto’s. Whoever thought those two would go together.

Alright see you next time you

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