Hair Dyes/Hair Bleach and Hashimoto’s

Hi the subject today is uh hair dyes, hair bleach and hashimoto’s. So i don’t really. You could go forever if you want to tease out every single um chemical that is uh uh a trigger. That’S a trigger for hashimoto, so hashimoto says, like i’ve said 39, like i think, i’m up to 41 or 42 now, but it’s like it’s 40 41 triggers and i have presentations online.

It said 39 because that’s what there was at the time, and so the chemical sensitivities are probably a quarter of those like like 25 percent. I i don’t even test for them anymore. There’S controversy.

Should you test it by hair? Should you do it by hair analysis? If you’re going to test for them, do alyssa type, pcr or antibody tests and look for the igg iga type of stuff and even igm to make sure that you’re, you don’t have an allergy to it, but but i don’t even test for it.

I mean that way. I’Ve been doing this for a long time and i’ve done the testing for it and i’ve gone through, though it’s the air analysis for the metals, but also for the toxins and it’s urinalysis and so on and so forth and or it’s antibody testing, but everything every Test i ever did people have chemical sensitivities, i mean, i think the bottom line is more than specifically.

Do you have is a hair dye or bleach? Is that it’s a chemical and our bodies are not designed to live in the chemical soup that we live in? Is a good example with diabetes um? I know this is about hashimoto’s, but there’s a good example with diabetes where everybody up until like 1980 or even later said.

Oh, we got so much diabetes going on now, because of so we’re eating so much sugar and we are – and it’s a part of it, but it’s interesting in the 1980s is when we really started dumping chemicals into our into our society.

It’S like, like 80 000 chemicals have been introduced since then. How many of them have been actually evaluated? Well, not many, not many at all the ones that have been you you, prior to glyphosates, from the from the uh spraying of the of the foods and and the monsanto and that whole type of thing, which is real okay.

So but but that’s just one. That’S just one: it’s just one chemical out of all of those these chemicals go in and they are they’re shown to create inflammation. They cause your liver to clog up. You you end up getting itchy.

Maybe they maybe it causes your liver to not be able to work right, and you start having all kinds of of issues with detoxification, but in and of themselves they have been shown to increase antibodies, to uh autoimmune diseases and particularly antibodies to uh to the thyroid Peroxidase enzymes of that cause, the attack on your thyroid cause hashimoto’s, and i mean i and i can personally speak to this.

I mean i used to use these like high-end hairsprays because and whatever you call them not hair sprays but gels, or something like that. Just uh, so i could look nice for my presentations and uh. You know i mean i i used to itch like crazy now and and it was and so finally i went to uh and i have hashimoto’s.

I think most of you know that and finally uh. I you know i started yeah, i would i would. I would wonder why i put the stuff in my hair or i or i used these this this stuff. That was really the good stuff it wasn’t going to make.

You feel bad and i’d get low heart. Palpitations, it was because those chemicals were triggers for autoimmune for autoimmune inflammation. They triggered inflammation, they triggered responses in your liver.

They ate up your glutathione, which is a huge antioxidant and you’re supposed to be not eating it up for chemical sensitivities. You know glutathione is supposed to be there for a lot of other reasons.

It does a lot of bad things. The chemicals just do a lot of bad things. They they mess up your gut. They just do a ton of things, and so i’m just by stopping that just by just by finding uh. Like i start using this, like, i don’t get any money for this okay, so i started using this alba shampoo, huge difference.

I started using this giovanni. I think it’s called i’m not marketing. I know it’s probably a million of these products, but it’s in it. This is that sprouts or whole foods. I forget where i got it: it’s like eight bucks, stuff’s amazing, it’s just you know.

They’Ll, do your they’ll do what you want to do. They’Ll get your hair clean. You know bleach, i mean who, in their right mind puts bleach on their body. It’S like bleach, it’s a poison, it’s a toxin! It’S that you don’t have to really get much farther than that, but in the end it’s a chemical chemical.

I don’t even test for chemicals anymore. If i didn’t say that, or if i said that i’m repeating myself, but i don’t even test for it anymore, because everybody’s got them so it’s a part of my protocol.

When i have somebody comes in with hashimoto’s boy, i spent an hour more looking at their case figuring out what all their triggers are. What’S the priority that i’ve see where they’ve seen what have leaking got done, i’m not legally, what’s their food sensitivities.

I do not even test them for any for the chemicals i just i just if they have sibo and leaky gut. I do sibo and leaky gut and i detox them. At the same time, i for my patients, who have autoimmune disease, which is probably 90 of my patient load um.

When i make my final recommendations once they’ve once they’ve reached their plateau and once they’ve stabilized one of the things i tell them to do is do a general detox. I i there’s a there’s: a company called uh apex.

I use a lot of their products. I don’t get any money for saying this um, but they have a nice product called clearvite there again, there’s a zillion products out there like this, and i use half a dose every day why i live in reno nevada for the entire summer.

You could barely see the sky from all the smoke that was coming from the california fires. Just that alone is enough a reason, because what what’s in the smoke formaldehyde rubber toxins from wood, uh yeah, i mean just just all kinds of stuff: uh plastics, all kinds of stuff that burned in those in in those fires, um creosote, all the things that they Put on the trees, the chemicals and just all that stuff’s in the smoke.

So but that’s that but same thing with air pollution for those of you who are living in large cities, you should be doing some sort of a general detox just literally all the time. Just keep it going just keep it going so that you don’t have get an accumulation.

It’S a big deal, it’s 25 of the 40 or so or more as it keeps growing um triggers for for autoimmunity and particularly for hashimoto’s. So so that’s the answer more to chemicals in general than than than any specific toxin.

They all kind of run. In the same vein, you

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