H. Pylori and Hashimoto’s


So h, pylori and hashimoto’s, so h, pylori is a bacteria that gets into your stomach and uh and when it gets into your stomach it does bad things without getting into the entire chemistry of it. It essentially damages the cells in your i’m.

Sorry i say damages it essentially will fulminate it will. It will multiply, and it’ll literally cover this, the inside of your your stomach and sometimes it’ll even go farther into other parts of your system, but but um, but mainly your stomach and then it’ll.

The cells in your stomach that make hydrochloric acid, the main acid that digests and sterilizes your food uh will cannot get to your food. It can eventually can it can damage those cells, but but for the most part, if you have a h, pylori infection in one of those two manners, it’s going to decrease the ability of you to digest food now, uh h, pylori is probably the most contagious infection That man has and yet uh a lot of people, don’t know it’s called heliobacter pylori for those of you who, like that type of stuff okay.

So it’s it’s the it’s the most common infection that man knows and and where can you get it you can get it? You mainly get it from other family members. You can get it from your dog. Some think you can get it from your cat, but it is, it is highly transmissionable transmissible.

So so, essentially, when you get h, pylori um it it creates an infection. So there are several, so there are several um pathogens that can cause infections and they and all of them you’ve heard of them.

Some of them are like epstein-barr virus. Some of them are lyme disease. Some are rage, pylori some are botox, some of them are cytomegaloviruses. Coxy viruses all of these can either trigger and or exacerbate a present hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

So and how – and so it’s very simple they’re there they exacerbate immune responses, because the immune system is trying to kill them when the immune system flares up to try to kill them. It’S uh it. It also can then flare up and attack the cells in your thyroid that um that are are are going to be damaged by the immune system.

That’S already been told it’s okay, to attack the thyroid by your your genetics. So it’s a it’s a con and it’s it is the most common trigger. It is the most common pathogenic trigger for autoimmune thyroid disease, resides in your stomach and and there’s something tricky about it.

Okay, um! I go a lot by. I go a lot by the symptoms. If a person has acid indigestion they’re using antacids, they got burning in their stomach an hour to afterwards. Maybe it feels like they have an ulcer.

They can’t they take apple, cider, vinegar and they can’t they can’t drink it because the they have like a gastritis on the inside of their of their stomach. I’M gonna look for h, pylori because it’s so common there is this.

There is a small intestinal back. I’M sorry sibo there is a. I always get those two mixed up: there’s an h, pylori breath test. There’S breast tests for both of these h, pylori and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and there’s an h, pylori breath test, and it’s actually pretty accurate, the uh the so so you can.

If you suspect that you can go to your doctor, i think there are even a lot of places online now, where you can, where a lot of these testing centers are are um, are offering these kits online, where they can send it to you at home, and Then you’ll you’ll do the breath test there and send it away and they’ll tell you where they have h pylori.

So that’s a good way of figuring it out you can you can i i tend to go by symptoms uh as much as anything uh. If, if i’m really on the fence, i will order an h, pylori breath test, and if you have it, it is it’s it’s not just so as much that it in of itself causes your immune system to flare up and thus because the immune system is trying To attack it, the immune system is trying to kill it, but at the same time, when the immune system flares up it’s going to attack everything else that it’s already been said by your body’s chemistry that it can attack.

So if you have hashimoto’s, you have rheumatoid arthritis. You have lupus it’ll start attacking all of that too. So h, pylori can be a trigger against literally all of that, but it seems to be more of more of a trigger, more specifically for hashimoto’s thyroid disease.

So age pylori, you have a bad stomach and if you have h pylori you need to check that out and and get that handled and then the other thing about h. Pylori. Is it it’s if, if it keeps coming back, you have to start looking around to see who’s, giving it to you in your family because you can get it through kissing.

You know you can go smooching with your dog. You know you can get it through. You can get all through all those types of things, so if it keeps coming back, you need to have your family checked. You need to have all the members of your family checked and if they all come back uh normal, then you have to have your dog checked.

Okay, i mean seriously it’s that contagious. So that’s h, pylori uh, another tidbit or another piece of the puzzle for how to get your autoimmune thyroid disease under control. You

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