GMOs and Autoimmunity

Hi Dr. Martin Rutherford here and today’s question is what are your thoughts about GMOs being a huge contributor to the
rise of autoimmunity if the food this is the rest of the question if the food we ingest is seen as a foreign as foreign
by the immune system wouldn’t it make sense that these frankenfoods would trigger the autoimmune response so
that’s it that’s a good question it’s a great question because it’s a question that we struggled with early on
everybody in kind of what I call the dark ages of autoimmunity in the dark ages of chronic pain were looking for
the the answer and it was parasites we’re gonna be the answer and GMOs are gonna be the answer heavy metals were
going to be the answer and the lime was gonna be the answer and epstein-barr virus was gonna be the answer and on and
on and on and so it turns out that none of them were the answer but all of them could potentially have an a be a player
in a person’s autoimmune problem so if I had a hundred people come in here with Hashimoto’s or a hundred people coming
here with fibromyalgia and if you genuinely have fibromyalgia I guarantee you you have an autoimmune problem but
it can all be different everyone could be different so GMOs definitely can be a huge contributor your your assessment
that if it comes into the system and and it’s seen as a foreign antibody you know foreign by the immune system and anybody
is going to be made to it it’s correct there’s more to it than that depending on the food’s the the I do I I have
become I have come to embrace the idea of the of the fertilizers and and the roundup and and and those types of
chemicals being being a part of it when you get to gluten gluten it’s it’s it’s a sticky
protein so the gluten actually damages the inside of the intestines so a it’s a part of it there’s there’s if if it
depends on how compromised the patient is as to how much those foods actually will contribute to creating immune
response or our go as far as creating a chemical sensitivity people who are walking around who don’t have
autoimmunity I would say that the GMOs are not creating the autoimmunity but I would say they what once the person has
developed an auto immunity I would say they’re definitely a perpetuating factor to the autoimmunity so that’s quite a
topic it’s it’s a topic I probably could spend a couple of hours on but I think that kind of encompasses the the general
basics of what of what you’re asking so should you avoid GMOs if you have an autoimmune problem
maybe the gist of that question the answer would be yes the answer would be you definitely would want to eat fresh
fruits fresh fresh vegetables the old grass-fed beef and and bite the bullet and do that that brings you into the
gray area of well can I go to this store and buy non-organic food and so on and so forth you can but you would better be
better off when they confirmed the autoimmunity you would be better off staying away from the GMOs
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