Dysglycemia and Hashimoto’s


So today we’re going to talk about dysglycemia and hashimoto’s, so dysglycemia glycemia refers to blood sugar. This means it’s screwed up means it’s dissed, okay, so basically dysglycemia can be high blood, sugar, low blood sugar, but it’s usually somebody bouncing back and forth between high and low blood sugar.

This is one of my favorite topics, so i’ll do my best to try and keep it less than an hour and a half long here. Okay, just be a couple of minutes, because this is huge. This is huge, huge, huge, huge huge.

Why is it huge? Because everybody blows it off, what do i? What do i mean by everybody? I mean your doctors blow it off. Low blood sugar is in the medical field, not considered a problem until it’s below 60, which is almost like having no blood sugar and you’re passing out, and you can’t stay awake and you’re.

Like you know, this is like the diabetic who hasn’t taken their insulin or you know, and they’ve run out and they’ve run out of sugar um. But that’s a pathological entity, low blood sugar is just you know, you you, you don’t eat and you get irritable.

You get shaky, you get agitated, you crave sweets, you get tired, maybe you get trembling. All of these things are. All of these. Symptoms are relative to you having a blood sugar drop. When you get a blood sugar drop, it affects your um.

It affects your brain. Obviously, you get you’re irritated agitated those types of things, because your blood, your brain, needs proper blood, sugar, everything, your all, your cells need proper blood sugar, but your brain gives you the most notable um symptoms and when you’re getting those symptoms, you are creating.

There’S a huge amount of inflammatory and what’s called oxidative stress, and so both of these chemical entities will then cause your antibodies to your thyroid to be attacked by inflammatory responses and then and then, ultimately, those inflammatory responses will attack your thyroid if you’re, a hashimoto’s, patient And then there’s insulin resistance, so low blood sugar below 60 is is what your medical doctor would be all excited about, but they’re really not excited about low blood sugar when you’re getting urine shaking and have anxiety and stuff.

They just say you know what you just have anxiety in your ear and shaky here. Take some, you know, take some xanax or take some prozac or take some sort of a you know: anti-anxiety medication, yeah and and they’ll look at your labs and and if your blood labs are normal, but you have all of those symptoms, they’re not going to treat You for low blood sugar, here’s the problem, low blood sugar! Can your low blood sugar can be present for seven to ten years before it shows up on your blood test, so you really got to go by the symptoms.

Same thing with high blood sugar, we’ll use the terms insulin resistance, because these are terms the doctors will use with. You are pre-diabetic. Once you get the diabetes you’re diabetic, you have high blood sugar, it stays high until you do something about it, but when you have low blood sugar, that’s not in the low low low range where they go.

Oh, you really have low blood sugar or when you have high blood sugar, that’s pre-diabetic or insulin resistant. An awful lot of doctors don’t do anything about that. They just think that’s not diabetes.

Yet so we’ll wait until it’s diabetes and treat it. Maybe the insurance companies won’t let them treat it until it’s until you’re. A diabetic type two, but it is huge, i mean pre-diabetes – is the cause of polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is like half of the infertility in this country.

It’S it’s. The number one cause of small fiber neuropathy for those who have sharp shooting burning pain in your feet and your doctors have told you you’ve got to live with it forever. It’S pre-diabetes 50 of the time that is pre-diabetes relative to hashimoto’s pre-diabetes symptoms are pre-diabetes.

The main pre-diabetes symptom is, i fall asleep after meals. That’S really the big one, the main low blood sugar, one by the way, the main low blood sugar symptom is, i eat, and i feel better. You shouldn’t feel better.

You should just get hungry eat and your hunger should go away and then you should go on with it. You should not be like i’m tired, i’m shaky, i’m irritable and then you eat and also and you’re. Wonderful.

Okay, that’s low blood sugar. That’S the main main main sign that you have low blood sugar for high blood sugar. The main sign is, is fatigue after meals, you’ll have cravings of sweets, and maybe you urinate too much and maybe you’re having trouble losing weight, but all those can be other things.

Okay, but but fatigue after meal is only two things. One of them can be food sensitivities, but by far you eat your fatigue day after meals. You probably have insulin resistance or pre-diabetes, oh, but my tests were normal same thing.

There hasn’t been enough damage yet to your adrenals to your pancreas and your liver or the cell sites, where the blood sugar gets in. So that’s the group of organs that control your your blood, uh sugar control.

Okay, so there hasn’t been enough damage to them. Yet to start showing up on blood tests so again same thing. I just read an article not three months ago. That said it can take up to 10 years for pre-diabetes to show up on on your lab.

Meanwhile, you’re like expressing all eight or ten symptoms of pre-diabetes and your doctor’s going, no you’re, fine. Really! Oh! I don’t know why you’re you know, i don’t know if you have polycystic ovarian syndrome.

I just had that yesterday. I just had a case of that. Yesterday. Um very very bright person went to a very well-known doctor. I said: do you realize that your polycystic ovarian syndrome is from pre-diabetes? She said no, no she’s been going to fertility doctors for like two years now, so this is stuff that you need to know now.

Relative, all of that screws up antibodies to your thyroid, you have to understand your thyroid – has has an effect on every single cell you’re in your body and in return and in return pretty much anything that creates any type of an inflammatory process then will increase the Antibodies against your thyroid that tell your immune system to attack and start to create an attack against your thyroid, which damages your thyroid.

So so so, if you have swings from, i get irritable jittery shaky. I want to snap off my husband’s head or my wife’s head. If you get all that you get you get, i i get to all the way to fatigue after meals and craving sweets, which is you going back and forth between high and low blood sugar, which can happen with either one of them.

That is annihilating. That is annihilating your thyroid and and and it’s also annihilating your brain for the record, and it’s also screwing up your sleep and it’s doing just a ton of other things, which is why i said it’s so important.

I mean i mean in in a case of hashimoto’s um, if the, if, if a person is limited to her abilities, to do things like purchase, supplements and stuff like that, the best places to start is is diet and blood, sugar, diet and blood, sugar, diet and Blood sugar and see how and see how you feel you

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