Does Hashimoto’s Cause Nodules?

Okay, so does so. The question is: does hashimoto’s cause nodules? That’S that’s kind of a complex kind of vicious cycle, type of uh situation, where the answer is kind of yes, and no it’s actually more yes than it is no.

So basically, nodules are mostly created from intermittent bursts or consistent, bursts of too much thyroid stimulating hormone and so and then they create a situation in which you develop too much thyroid tissues, you’re, making too many thyroid tissues.

So so you chronically have this. This high thyroid stimulating hormone that is creating a lot of t4 some t3 and over stimulating the the uh the thyroid to do that and then you’re just making too much thyroid tissue too many thyroid cells.

That’S really what it is and – and you know you i don’t know how much you want to talk about the cancer aspect though, but it’s it’s very little. It can happen but, like 99 of of nodules are are probably in too much thyroid stimulation.

But having said that, you have hashimoto’s, which is um depending on who you are reading or listening to or researching 85 90, 95 100 of all hypothyroidism and um, and so and the correct term, for it is, is hashimoto’s hypothyroiditis, they’re, all thyroiditis they’re, almost all hypothyroids And um, and so, and so basically the hashimoto’s literally ramps that up it literally ramps, because every time you get an attack directly on your thyroid, that makes more thyroids that makes more um that makes more um thyroid hormone, so that makes more thyroid hormone thyroid hormones Made into cells, if it’s a big demand, it could be damaging cells before it damages cells.

It can actually be growing them, but what will happen in that case is eventually going to hypothyroidism and then your brain starts telling your cells to your thyroid to make more thyroid hormone and then and then and then you, you start um, so you go up and Down, basically, you go up and down between making making a lot more thyroid hormone, a lot more tissue, you get the nodules and, and you go up and down between making a ton having a lot of thyroid hormone being made with the autoimmune attack that attacks your Thyroid the tissues are damaged that vomits um a lot of thyroid hormone out into the tissues and that can contribute until the damage is over and then it goes down and then you go back in the hypothyroid.

So so it’s it’s a vicious vicious cycle uh. So the answer is yes, i mean it contributes to it. If i honestly, i mean, i guess i guess from a practical um, let’s say clinical perspective. If i’m interviewing a patient and they tell me that they have a large thyroid, it’s it’s tender, it’s not tender.

They have they’ve been diagnosed with nodules to me: they’re autoimmune thyroid until proven innocent. So i would say the vast majority of time there is a relationship between hashimoto’s and and in thyroid nodules.


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