Depression: Is Tryptophan Metabolism at the Core of the Issue?

In today’s broadcast we will be discussing how inflammation is gaining greater notoriety in the scientific literature as a primary cause of depression.  Yes, depression is multifactorial, but new research is demonstrating how inflammation leads to the abnormal breakdown of tryptophan leading to lower levels of serotonin.  However, the newest scientific research is demonstrating that rather than low serotonin levels, the “toxic” by products of tryptophan metabolism may be at the core of depression.
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1.Augmentation of antidepressant effects of venlafaxine by agomelatine in mice are independent of kynurenine pathway.
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15.IgA/IgM responses to tryptophan and tryptophan catabolites (TRYCATs) are differently associated with prenatal depression, physio-somatic symptoms at the end of term and premenstrual syndrome.
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