Can You Be Thin With Hypothyroidism?

So the question today is: can you be thin with hypothyroidism so that you know none of these thyroid questions are really all that straightforward, okay, so hypothyroidism, first of all, the caveat is, is how many people actually have hypothyroid, and the answer is almost very very.

Very few, if you have a hypothyroid and your thyroid’s slowing down, the answer is why why is your thyroid, slowing down and um, and – and so there are a lot of things that can affect thyroid function, but to actually put you in hypothyroid to where your tsh Number is to a point where your doctor pronounces you hypothyroid, usually there’s going to have to be some reason that your thyroid has slowed down is not making enough thyroid hormone, and the vast majority of the time is because you have autoimmune thyroid disease and nobody’s figured It out yet, and so so i i think even the mayo clinic now is saying that 85 to 95 of people who have autoimmune thyroid disease is actually hashimoto’s and, and the reason that can happen is because it can take seven years.

Maybe well maybe your doctor’s not even looking to see if you have autoimmune thyroid disease um and even if you have it, it could take like seven years from the time that it’s triggered until the time that you start really seeing antibodies.

And you start seeing your thyroid hormones go off and then you can and then you go through the only time. The only way you’re thin is, if you haven’t, had enough damage to your thyroid, yet, and and and and usually at that point in time – nobody’s even really looking at a thyroid problem, because usually your doctors aren’t going to look at a thyroid problem for you.

Unless you’re fatigued and putting on weight and if you are thin – and you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, the greater likelihood is that you probably need to look further. You may be the thin hashimoto’s patient about 10.

15 of people are thin, with hashimoto’s um, with hypothyroid, with hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, but um and and and if and if that’s you in other words you went to the doctor, your thyroid, stimulating hormone is high, which means you’re hypothyroid.

Without getting into that whole thing, then um, then you might want to and you’re wondering you know. Could i have hashimoto’s it’s at that point. It’S about it’s about the symptoms. Are you having hyper symptoms because hypothyroid slows everything down, i’m depressed, i’m fatigued, i’m putting on weight.

My hair is falling out. My bowels don’t work. I got constipation it’s and but if you’re, but if you can’t put on weight, if you’re, if you have anxiety, panic attacks, if you have inward tremors, you have heart palpitations for no reason at all some the night sweats there’s a good chance that you’re the thin Hashimoto’S patient, as opposed to the thin hypothyroid patient, which i don’t even know.

If then hyper, i i mean, i don’t think i don’t. I don’t even think thin. Hypothyroid patients actually exist. I really think it’s what i’m talking about here, and this is as you’re listening to me talk when you’re, seeing my eyes flip around i’m.

You know i’m looking into my into my memory, because this is all i do. Let’S see hashimoto’s patients like it’s like probably 85 90 of my practice, no matter what they come in with they, they tend to have hashimoto’s as well, so and, and my understanding of it is as i’m as i’m sharing it with you so um.

So i would. I would if i guess my best answer is, is if you’re thin and you’ve been told you have hypothyroid. I would assess myself for those symptoms, hyper symptoms, anxiety, panic attacks and more tremors heart palpitations for no reason at all.

It’S a biggie insomnia and night sweats can’t put on weight, you’re thin. You can’t put on weight and they’re down you’re hypothyroid and i see these patients. I do see these patients, okay, that have been totally hypothyroid and ended up having hashimoto’s.

I would ask myself those questions first and if you’re and if you’re having any of those symptoms, then i would ask my doctor to check me to see if i have hashimoto’s, because really the chances of you having hashimoto’s with a hypothyroid diagnosis, is 90 percent minimum Minimum, i i would say it’s, i would say it’s actually more than that and dr hashimoto’s in 1912.

He said all thyroid issues are actually autoimmune thyroid disease and there’s an awfully good chance that he’s correct with that. So a little rambling there, but but but but all that’s good data, all that’s all! That’S factual clinical data based on that’s the data i use day-to-day to address patients.

So i would, i would kind of i would kind of re-look at this, and and and and look at that flow and and based on the question that you have, you should be able to figure out. Maybe what your next step should be.


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