Can Emotional Trauma Cause Hashimoto’s?

Okay, so the question is: can emotional trauma cause hashimoto’s or other thyroid problems? Okay, so the answer is yes for that um, so that so the mechanism is this. So hashimoto’s first is a autoimmune problem, so there’s a there’s an order in the way.

You would look at this and you would look at it first that okay, hashimoto’s, is an autoimmune problem, so anything that flares up autoimmunity um can uh can perpetuate hashimoto. So so stress is one of the you know, 39 or 40 different triggers for hashimoto’s once you have it, but can it cause it so and and and other hypothyroid and other thyroid problems, so you to get some.

Let me step back to there. 95 percent of of thyroid problems are hashimoto’s. If you haven’t watched any of our videos or if you don’t know that um i mean i almost never see an actual just hypothyroid.

There’S there’s always going to be something that’s going to cause it and so um. So i kind of throw that i kind of lump them in because a lot of you have hypothyroid just don’t know that you have hashimoto’s, maybe maybe maybe they ran it and the antibodies haven’t come up yet, but the antibodies can be down for seven years before You um before you actually are able to have them, come up enough to diagnose you with hashimoto’s.

So my answer is going to be kind of in my world, i’m kind of like if you’re gonna, if you’ve got a thyroid problem and it’s not grace it’s probably hashimoto’s, and if it’s hypothyroid, you may have just not figured out your hashimoto’s.

Yet now i say all that for a reason: okay, because the way that it happens is you have to have the genetic um encodement, for i think it’s hlab, i don’t think it’s 27, but you have to have the you have to have the genetic code.

That says that you to your immune system that you can get hashimoto’s, so it has to be in your genetic code. Now you don’t have to get it okay, but there are numerous triggers that will ultimately initially set off the chain of events where your thyroid will be alerted to the the fact that it can now attack your thyroid.

Okay and emotional trauma is up there and the re and and so i’ve had a number of people, i think literally i’ll, say hundreds and then that’s not even close to an exaggeration. It may be a very gross understatement.

I’Ve had hundreds of people come in here who, after a significant stress, um a significant trauma. I mean i’ve had. Oh my god i had somebody come in here. Who was you know, stole her husband, shot right in front of him? Had other people come here, his husband dropped dead right in front of him.

You know i’ve had people come in here with you know. You know. As long as i’ve been doing this, you know there was the the last recession where everybody was losing their homes back there in 2008. There was this covid thing.

This has been huge as far as people getting stressed, and then they said you know i i but i but i had an i’d lost my business. I had to close my business, you know now, i’m i’m losing my house. Oh my god, you know.

So these are, these are significant emotional, traumas among being molested and all of these things, and so the history goes. I had this happen and then a short period of time later boom everything blew up on me.

Everything changed my hair started falling out. I started putting on weight so so emotional trauma is one of about eight triggers that actually can trigger the mechanism that allows your gene to start telling your immune system that it’s okay to attack your thyroid and then emotional traumas can tend to go on because they Kind of encode themselves in the fear center of your brain called the amygdala, and then you become kind of like ptsd-ish to where um.

When you get a thought or relative to that situation, you you go in the fight flight and the problem is that that’s kind of embedded into fear center in your brain and so stress is also a perpetuating trigger for hashimoto’s.

So it’s it’s like the the ultimate double whammy. It can cause it. It can trigger the cause, which is a genetic propensity to get it. It can trigger that and then it can pre and then emotional trauma, maybe more than anything else can keep perpetuating it and um and then and then you have to like.

Then you have to deal with that. You know you have to figure out um and i do i do functional neurology too, so you have to figure out how to get that brain under control. Is it going to be chemistry? Is it going to be brain rehab exercises? Is it going to be there’s all kinds of things on apps out there now, but the answer is yes, the answer is yes, emotional.

Traumas can be a it’s. It’S a very common trigger, it’s a very common trigger for for autoimmune thyroid disease. You

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