Botox Injections With Hashimoto’s or Autoimmunity?

Hi dr rutherford, here today and we’re going to talk about a topic. That’S been coming up a lot lately, uh because it’s utilized a lot in society more now than ever before, and that’s botox botox and autoimmunity.

If you’re a hashimoto sufferer than in botox and hashimoto’s and so botox is a neurotoxin, most people know what botox is as soon as i mention it to my patients, and i start to tell them what i’m going to tell you about it.

They go. I’M not going to do botox, meaning i’m never going to go, get those shots and get my nerves totally paralyzed. So my wrinkles go away, and, and actually botox has been more popular over a long period of time for um neurological problems.

It’S a neurotoxin. It literally paralyzes your nerves and they’re, it’s usually administered in shots and uh, and it’s it’s most common medical use is migraines migraine headaches. I’Ve had a lot of patients that have had that have had it performed on them for migraine, headaches and then, of course, the now ever popular.

I have to look younger phase where we are getting um botox shots to um uh, to look younger to get rid of our wrinkles and so on and so forth, and you can tell i’m not a botox taker, so it’s uh. So i speak from my heart on this okay, so basically, but i speak more as a clinician who’s trying to help people to stay better and it’s interesting.

One of the things that all hashimoto’s patients for sure and autoimmune patients in general should know is that botox flares up immune inflammation now, particularly studies have been done, particularly on hashimoto’s, but but i’ve talked about other things like salt and autoimmunity and stuff like that, and These these and i talk them relative to hashimoto’s, but as time goes on, the studies have been done on hashimoto as time goes on.

It turns out that that it turns out that salt is exacerbatory to all autoimmunity. Well, botox is kind of the same yeah. In my observation, but for sure for sure uh for hashimoto’s, so basically what happens is when you inject this into your system.

It increases immune, inflammatory mechanisms considerably for hashimoto’s for uh for thyroid problems. It it the uh, the largest study that was done, indicated that if you have antibodies attacking your thyroid, a shot of botox will increase them by as much as 72 and uh and across the board.

It’S been shown that different other studies have um have said that autoimmunity in general is flared up once that’s 35 percent, one says 52 and stuff like that, but the bottom line is is, if you have autoimmunity, you should just like you should just like you know, Have to come to grips with dealing with your wrinkles or and and maybe your migraine headaches.

I know after i learned this so i take you know multiple seminars a year because there’s always new stuff coming out and i think my mentors and i think the people that i go to and that i take their studies, their cert researchers and uh and their Stuff has proven credible to me across the board and when i got this data from this one particular seminar, i had several patients that i thought let me send this out to them so that they would know um for future reference not to not to take a Botox shot so that they would get out of out of their remission and sure enough, two of them like one i when i talked to over zoom and the other one i sent an email to, but both of them said that’s when i became disabled was when I got the botox shots and, and so in those symposiums, they were also kind of strongly implying that this new craze of i’ve got to look like 25 years younger and i can’t have any wrinkles and so on and so forth.

Um, that’s leading to a lot of people using botox, because it’s just like done just a shot here, a little shot there, a little shot here, a little shot there. You know it’s it’s it’s easy to get and that you look better but they’re strongly implying that it is part of what is creating and perpetuating this autoimmune explosion that has taken place over the last 20 years, so so so this, and when i present this to Patients in person it looks like it’s and they are taking it.

It looks like it’s an uncomfortable subject, so so uh. So that’s my uncomfortable subject for the day but uh, that’s what i know now um, i’m advising all of my hashimoto’s patients absolutely for certain.

Do not get botox shots, do not use botox and um, and frankly i’ve i’ve morphed over into telling all my autoimmune patients not to do it also. So that’s that’s my uh clinical therapeutic um, where the rubber meets the road decision on how i handle my botox recommendations for patients who have autoimmunity and hashimoto’s you

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