PHT 203: Power Health Q&A

This month we have a variety of great questions we hope we were able to answer.  The questions are below.What can we do to calm our fight or flight in our brains? I grew up with horrific childhood abuse, as well as a multitude of abusive relationships. So yes, my brain has a broken brake pedal. I have done meditation, sound therapies and doing things that truly excite me, like anything pertaining to water. I have also enjoyed asmr also. Do you have any other suggestions?

Can you be born with fibromyalgia? I believe I was. The muscle pain & tiredness I’ve had as long as I can remember. Each trauma I endured (there were many), I felt worse.

Does fibromyalgia run in families?

Can taking anti-histamines help in the case where patient has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis as well as gluten intolerance?

I just want to clarify. I have hypothyroidism but I don’t have high antibodies. Can you still have hashimoto’s and not have antibodies?

Hi guys, thank you for this video, very informative. I have a question, I’ve had Hashi’s for 20 years and I’ve been gluten, dairy-free and soy-free for 3 years now and my antibodies did not change. Surely that means it’s safe for me to re-introduce small amounts of gluten now? What’s your take on this?

I was diagnosed with hasimotos and I have hives. Is this common with hasimotos??

What is the difference between chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia?

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