PHT Live – Weight Loss, Beyond the Calories, Part III

Today we are doing part three of our series, “Weight Loss, Beyond the Calories.”  These broadcasts are intended for those who have difficulty losing weight and those that have already tried dietary changes and exercise.  Furthermore, we discuss the myriad of underlying physiologic variables leading to an individual not being able to lose weight.In Today’s broadcast we are focusing on the thyroid as it relates to weight gain and weight loss.  Two weeks ago we discussed the importance of the gastrointestinal tract to weight gain, and we have found the thyroid to be of significant importance for those who are unable to lose weight.  We will be discussing the thyroid in great detail, and how the thyroid tests approved by third party payers may not be sufficient for determining how the thyroid is affecting weight gain.

Please enjoy, and send us your questions.  Please forward us any questions here on our website or go to our Power Health Facebook page
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  1. Thank you! In looking back I realize that part of many problems that I had in trying to conceive and carry children, this could have played a big part in my journey. So again thank you for this information! You are both wonderful! 🙂

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