PHT Live – New Findings for Fibromyalgia

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This week we have a topic that we are both excited about, Fibromyalgia and small fiber neuropathy.  In the last year there have been numerous landmark scientific studies demonstrating that fibro patients have problems with the nerves sensing pain.  These issues can range from the pain nerves discharging spontaneously and abnormally in fibromyalgia patients to actual nerve degeneration involving the pain nerves, a condition termed small fiber neuropathy.

These studies are of great significance as our understanding of fibromyalgia has drastically changed over  the last 25-30 years.  What was once a condition that was termed a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning “you don’t have rheumatoid arthritis but you have pain like someone who does and we don’t know what is wrong with you,” has become an entity with many recognized problems in the brain, spinal cord, the immune system, and now the peripheral nerves. We will use today as an update on Fibromyalgia from our broadcast earlier this year.

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  1. THANK YOU BOTH! I’m sure you hear this alot, but you have truly changed my life! No, I am not one of your current patients, but your findings give me something that I didn’t have:answers, validation, and hope. I am a 33 y.o. wife and SAHM (stay at home mom) that has gone from cheerful, charismatic, energetic and adventurous (so I’ve been told) to….well, a shell of who I used to be. I feel like an old lady, for the lack of a better description (or, I guess how I imagine one feels). A “crazy old lady” at that because I haven’t been able to get any real answers or any real relief from what has been recently diagnosed as fibromyalgia (but I KNOW I’ve been dealing with this for years now). You two (as well as your colleagues and associates) are truly pioneers in your methods, so please keep it up! I’m seriously going to beg my hubby to take us on a “road trip” to come to your clinic. It’s a bit of a drive (from MI), but I have a feeling our visit would be more than worth it. I thank you gentlemen. My little boy thanks you. He’s the one that drags me out of bed in the morning (or tries). He’s already accustomed to saying: “Mommy, you don’t feel good today?” or “Mom, you just need to rest”. It’s heartbreaking. My hubby-who just asked if he could watch your Podcast on Fibro with me-thanks you. My mom thanks you-it’s my mom, ’nuff said right? !
    I do have a topic that concerns me (well, one of many, lol) that I’d love your feedback on. In your videos you’ve made mention of hormonal fluctuations, thyroid function (or lack thereof) and Fibromyalgia. Have you any feedback on Fibromyalgia, Progesterone, and Infertility/miscarriage issues? We’ve had multiple losses in the past that seemed to only be remedied by the addition of Progesterone (once-hence our 3yo gift????). We want to have more, but are fearful of the outcome (more miscarriages, even greater decline in my health). We also are having a tough time getting another Dr. to prescribe the progesterone (my Midwife that prescribed it before is awesome….and now retired). We would prefer to go the “alternative”/natural route. Thoughts?
    Thanks again for all that you both are doing. You Doctors are saving our lives AND our minds. Thank you again.

  2. I’m a 42 year old male and I have been suffering since I was about 24. My entire body had a dull ache throughout and all I wanted to do was lay in the bed. I’ve seen so many doctors and they would all say I was too young to hurt like that. I have osteoarthritis in both my knees too and every doctor would just focus on my knees. I knew what I was experiencing was more than just knee pain. Eventually one doctor chalked it up to undiagnosed joint and gave me tramadol. The tramadol does work for the pain but as soon as I run out or I don’t take enough; I literally feel like I can’t go on anymore. It’s depressing. I’ve been searching for an answer for years and finally I found your site. My symptoms have gotten worse over the years and it’s been driving me nuts trying to figure out what’s going on with me. My symptoms include the following: muscle spasms in my thighs & arms, chronic fatigue, insomnia, headaches, vertigo, muscle pain, sharp pain in my thighs, joint pain throughout my body, tingling in hands, sensitivity of the skin, dry mouth, forgetfulness. The tramadol helps my pain but, I suffer with the rest of these symptoms almost on a daily basis. Now I know what the symptoms of fibromyalgia are and I’ll find a doctor that can help me now. Thank you for your site.

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