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This weeks broadcast is on “Heavy Metal Toxicity.”  The topic of heavy metals is an area of contentious debate between those in the alternative community and mainstream medicine. Today we will try to present literature and the point of view of both sides, as well as our observations relative to heavy metal toxicity, and when it becomes clinically significant to the chronic pain patient.
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  1. Hi there! Thank you for sharing this information. How would I go about finding a doctor in my area, Little Rock, Arkansas, who treats this the same way and gets a more detailed history from patients? I’m trying to figure out how to know without calling around and specifically asking about how detailed they are with gathering my info. Haha. I want to find a thorough doctor who’s knowledgeable about heavy metal toxicity. Where should I start?

    Thank you,
    Lacy Mayfield

  2. Relative to heavy metals, we do not know any doctors personally or professionally in your area. If you search for a functional medicine doctor in your area there is a better probability that they will be similar to us philosophically on the heavy metal issue.

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