PHT Live – Benefits of Glutathione and the Problem With Most Glutathione Supplements

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Today we are discussing the antioxidant glutathione.  Glutathione is no ordinary antioxidant, and that needs to be emphasized in an age where many products are touted as being the best antioxidant.  The uniqueness of glutathione is that our body produces it.  However, some individuals may not be able to produce adequate amounts, and also in other instances certain toxins can deplete our body of glutathione.  Glutathione production and treatment with this compound is an area of hot research at the moment as there are early signs to indicate its efficacy in treating neurodegenerative as well as autoimmune disorders.

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  1. James Bauernschmidt

    What is the exact name of the glutathione supplement you recommended? It sounded like zaimagin glutathione, but nothing came up in a google search.

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