PHT Live – Manopause a Growing Epidemic

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This weeks broadcast is on Manopause.
Are you a male over the age of 30 who does not feel as strong and vigorous as you did in the past?  Is your libido low?  Do find that your depressed? Or are you a female who’s loved one is a male and experiencing these symptoms.
Manopause is a term referring to the process where men age and experience symptoms of low sex hormones.  This is very analogous to menopause which females experience.  Centers are popping up around the country in an effort to treat this relatively new diagnostic entity.
There is a lot of debate in medical circles as to how we actually diagnose Manopause, the lab tests involved, and the correct treatments.  Today we will attempt to cover these in detail as well as the pro’s and con’s of medical as well as alternative treatments for this condition.
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