PHT Live – Autoimmune Disorders

This weeks hangout discussed novel natural treatments for autoimmune disease.  Many facets to this were discussed including the foods that we eat, infections, stress, hormones, and toxic exposure.  The articles below focus on the growing knowledge regarding infectious triggers of autoimmune disease, and how the mouth and the gastrointestinal tract are key areas of this research.

Several of the articles we have posted concern mouth and gastrointestinal bacteria that are being found to have implications in Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Not only is the DNA of these bacteria being found in the joints of RA patient’s, but it is also being observed that the biochemical reaction that leads to RA, termed citrullination, is caused by one and possibly both of these bacteria.
Other articles attached discuss the relationship between the gastrointestinal barrier and autoimmune disease.  In essence, from a simplistic standpoint, we want the cells of our gastrointestinal tract to be bound together tightly, analogous to a dam.  The current literature is demonstrating that in certain patient populations the immune system can target the proteins that bind the cells of our gastrointestinal tract together, and therefore compromise this barrier between the bacteria in our gut and our immune system.
For further reading, I highly recommend reading the articles by Alessia Fasano, MD on the pubmed database as well as Integrative Rheumatology by Dr. Alex Vasquez, D.C., N.D., D.O.

Below are the referenced articles

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