Hashimoto’s Goiter

Hashimoto's Goiter

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A subject that comes up a lot with thyroid and and that’s, a goiter and patients wise, my patients are always wondering. Is there order going to go away? That seems to be the main issue, and so I go there’s.

A little tricky to understand in in many ways and in other ways it’s, not so quarters first thing is: people have historically thought that goiters came from a lack of iodine and in in this country and in other countries at a time before, We had iodized salt.

That was true, you would get you would get. You would get a goiter a lot of times. People would take iodine, it would go away, but that’s, not the case anymore. I mean if you eat in restaurants, if you eat any type of fast foods, if you’re, not using Himalayan pink salt or all that type of stuff, all the salt is iodized.

Today, the in the in in first world countries and even second world countries and some third world countries now Gorder is not caused by iodine. But let’s say it was let’s say you were in one of these third-world countries.

Out of the middle of nowhere, and you’re, not getting enough iodine. What would happen is you need iodine to make to make thyroid hormone? I’m, going to tell you a little bit more in. It is the wife. This is not really pertinent, but I want you to understand core here all the way and and and where’s.

All this stuff came from it. They told me I got ta take iodine, so basically, so basically iodine helps you to make thyroid hormone iodine for those of you haven’t. Seen any of these before t4 is your main hormone that is made in your thyroid.

The T stands for tire, seeing the 4 stands for 4 molecules of height and there’s. A whole process that puts those two things together and and part of that process is an enzyme that pulls iodine out of your bloodstream and a minute, and it sticks it together that tyrosine and now you have when you do not have enough iodine, you’re, not you’re, not gonna make enough thyroid hormone, and then that tells your brain in your bloodstream.

You know there’s, not enough thyroid hormone. So there’s. This part of your brain, it’s called a hypothalamus. Basically, what you need to know is this thing’s, check and everything it’s in your in your bloodstream, all the time, and if there’s not enough of it, it it tells the part of your body that Needs to make whatever is not enough to make it in this particular case.

It tells your so it’s, Harry grant and gland to tell your thyroid to make hormone, and it does it through this through this chemical called thyroid, stimulating hormone hormone, and it stimulates your thyroid and it makes hormone, and so, as it starts making The thyroid hormone, then, then there should be a feedback loop that says it’s enough.

But if you’re, but if you don’t have enough iodine. If you don’t have a few dumb in the finite you can’t supply it that TSH keeps going and going and going because it’s, not getting enough iodine to make it.

The feedback mechanism keeps down you. I don’t have enough thyroid enough iodine enough tea for my system, enough thyroid hormone and, and so it’s. Actually, the thyroid stimulating hormone that causes you to enlarge your thyroid into a corner and in and if it’s iodine okay, for those of you who are all the iodine fans out there and you have a goiter and you think that’s the case: if it’s iodine, then you can.

Then then you’ll. You’ll at this point, have hypothyroid symptoms. Why cuz you’re, not making enough thyroid hormone. That’s. Why your your brain keeps telling you to do the the TSH to keep telling your thyroid to make the hormone? Well, there’s too much TSH, you’re, not making the armor and it keeps th th th, and now you got this.

I got this quarter in the meantime, you’re, developing a hypothyroid, so not only you’re developing the Gorder. Your hair is falling out. You’re. Putting on way you’re, getting constipation this game’s dry.

Maybe you’re. Getting you know, since, through this skin and and and all the your eyebrows are going away and fatigue all you’re getting alive with hard stuff. How do you know if it’s iodine you take iodine and the symptoms go away, but the but the goiter does not go away.

The worrier has the grown, those tissues have grown and and and that’s, that now, then there is Gorder from now that doesn’t happen very often in this country. So if you want to try it for those ago, you can take the iodine, but it’s, probably not going to work, because because really right now, the number one cause of gorger’s in this country in Europe.

In most, first and second world countries, and even in some third world countries now, because we’re getting in there and helping them out. In fact, I talked about a fact that I read the other day a an article on how they’re going into third world countries and making sure they have their iodine and they’re, making sure they are iodine.

It’s other, so what’s happening is? Is Hashimoto & # 39? S is starting to explode. You don’t want to give people Hashimoto’s iodine and Hashimoto’s. Thyroiditis isn’t them one cause of Reuters period in Western society and and most advanced or advancing societies.

Today, so Hashimoto’s. That’s. What you call that’s, what you’re! Calling me about that’s. What you’re asking me to talk about, and, and so Hoshi matters in immune attack against the thyroid and the uniqueness of the Hashimoto’s cases you don’t, usually know you have Hashimoto’s for A long time, usually, what will happen is Hashimoto’s as the is the attack against the thyroid for those.

Have you been watching me for a while? You know you know this is the thyroid, and this is the immune system attacking the thyroid. Okay – and so here it is there’s, the immune system attacking Thyer, but it can be attacking the thyroid tissue for a long time before there’s enough damage for somebody to look around and start looking to see.

If you have Hashimoto’s in the meantime, you start damaging tissue and damaged tissue. Doesn’t make enough thyroid hormone, and there’s nuances this there’s, a lot of nuances. That is so, for those of you know that something damaged tissue will put thyroid hormone out into the system and make you feel better temporarily.

I know that okay, but we’re, just trying to keep it simple here. So basically, this damages the thyroid tissue all right, and so you so so you stop making thyroid hormone. It’s. Just like the tissue gets tired, it can’t gets destroyed, it can’t make thyroid harms.

So now you’re going into hypothyroidism. Now we had the same mechanism where the same mechanism as the rare, rare, rare, rare, rare iodine, cost Gruyter. Okay, we have the same mechanism. You’re, not making you’re, not making favorite hormone it’s, feeding back to your brain, your brains, going where’s, all the thyroid hormone in my blood.

We need more tell us, you know the thyroid pituitary gland and put out thyroid stimulating hormone, and this thing right here, isn’t going away. It’s still doing this, and, as it does this over a period of time, eventually, you’ll start getting hyper thyroid symptoms.

You’ll, start getting anxiety, heart tremors, maybe even panic, attacks and some the heart palpitations for no reason at all. Eventually somebody looks at it and goes. You have Hashimoto’s, so basically, what the other Gorder is is a long long.

Undiagnosed Hashimoto’s, thyroiditis, okay, and so, if you – and so it’s, it’s. It’s, actually a grows same way. The tissue grows in the same way it’s hard. In the same way and and and the person who’s sitting here, it goes, can you get rid of my quarter? I, the answer is no, that goiter is not gonna go away.

Now there’s, a few of you out there going my quarter went away. I’ll answer that so basically pretty much everybody who’s ever come in here that we have done an exam on who has had Hashimoto ‘ S has had tenderness in their thyroid okay, so they, depending on what their journey was from normal thyroid to Hashimoto’s.

They have somehow bypassed having the Hashimoto’s undiagnosed, too long, and so we touch their neck. You could see it their neck will be swollen. Okay. Is they actually used to call a thyroid lymph at an ideal type of diet, thyroiditis? Well then, inflamed limbs and inflamed infiltrated with white blood cells, and so that thyroid will be tender and will be enlarged, but it’s, not a goiter.

It’s, it’s enlarged, and there were people who will call that a goiter other people is just an enlargement. They can see it in the mirror, positive that tenderness and that enlargement. That will go away.

The vast majority of time that will go away once you start dampening down the inflammatory responses that are causing the attack on the thyroid to begin with, so so that is greater and then and in greater crosses with that controversial iodine thing.

Okay, that kind of that kind of really has not been relevant for the most part for Fri, the last 30 or 40 years, and so that whole area seems to be confused. So I hope that that kind of clears that up for you.

But if the court is hard, you had a long time and you’ve been misdiagnosed for a long time. It’s, not going away. You can get the symptoms gone. You can get the symptoms to go away if it’s that rare iodine case take the iodine.

It goes away if it’s, a Hashimoto’s, thyroiditis that’s been undiagnosed. For a long time. You get rid of thyroid eyes symptoms over way, but the goiter is thing you

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