Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Reactivity to T3 and T4

Hashimoto's Autoimmune Reactivity to T3 and T4

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So this is a pretty cool one, because no one ever talks about it and it’s. Hashimoto’s, autoimmune reactivity, to the thyroid hormones, t3 and t4. So for those of you who may not have ever seen any of my things before that we put online and in my presentations, then I’ll.

Do it just a little quick here’s, a thyroid hormone? Is your your thyroid puts out two hormones? One is t4: it’s, inactive, the other one is t3. It puts out like 93 percent. I’ve, seen 93 and 97 percent.

It puts out let’s, say 90 percent t4 and it puts out the Reaper scent t3, so the t4 has to be turned into t3, because t3 is the active form of the thyroid hormone that goes into the trillions of cells in your body.

To make you actually work, give you energy control, your temperature and that type of stuff. So if you have not enough t3, you’re. Like you. Have no energy energies down your call, you ‘ Ve got a kulfi.

You know you’re, putting on weight because everything slows down hair starts falling out all the classic hypothyroid senses. If you have too much t3, you’re like this. You’re. Like you’re. You know you’re, put you’re losing weight yet more energy than 15 people put together.

You know your your your heart’s pounding like crazy and anxiety night sweats, panic attacks. You can’t sleep that time stuff. The second one of those examples, the too much t3 is what you feel like. If you get an autoimmune attack against your teeth, rain against your t4 and it happens and it’s and it’s very disturbing so lies so so sometimes people will have a low thyroid function and they’ll.

Take and they’ll take t4, so that’s, so synthetic hormones like levothyroxine synthroid. These have these have binders in them. They have a lot of things in them that can flare you up, but they’re. Basically, the only the tea for inactive hormone, so that’s supposed to you’re supposed to take it, and then your body is supposed to turn that into t3.

If your body is able to do that, so so sometimes you’ll. Take that maybe you’ll feel a little jittery. The doctor won’t won’t, be able to figure why? Maybe you’ll, take that and and you’ll feel good for a while, and then you’ll, get jittery and and and in that and the doctors usually like.

I just gave you t4 it’s. Not supposed to do anything and, and it shouldn’t, and it has it. Doesn’t have a direct effect relative to your immune system, attacking your your your enzymes that make it, but it will have a direct effect if it’s being attacked by your immune system.

But if you take another thyroid hormone that has t3 in it – and these are the bioidenticals – these are the pig thyroid z, the cow stuff. This is the the nature throwing which everybody says. Oh it’s, wonderful, it’s bioidentical.

It’s like it’s, wonderful, you take it and you’re and you start like feeling, like I said with you, when you have a hyper, you feel like your heads, gonna blow off your heart starts pounding. You start getting here too long, Jerry it’s because in there you also have t3.

You have a good chunk of t3 in those. If you have autoimmunity actually attacking the t4 and the t3 hormone you’re gonna find out. If you take one of those bio, eight tentacles and that’s, not the only reason by identical will make you go into hyper thyroid symptoms and functions, but there’s, not that many reasons that that happens either than that.

This is one of them, so you can develop antibodies against your t4 t3. Your doctor might suddenly start to check and see if you have Graves disease because Graves has those types of symptoms. Your daughter or the doctor will definitely take the thyroid hormone away, and I say this for most time not understand what happened, and so, if that happens in my world and and it isn’t that the person is taking too much t3, maybe that There it isn’t because they’re being dosed too much t3, which which also can happen in a variety of situations or something I’m, going to get into the whole thing.

Then then, I’m. Gon na that I’m gonna run anybody’s to t4 and t3 and see if they have anybody. So what’s? The solution to that? Oh, my goodness, that’s, pretty wild, because the solution to that is is really tough, because you, you have to figure out how to do as much as you can, without that t4 t3 hormone and it’s and and and so And I don’t handle the the medical aspect of it, so it can really get hairy.

You do as much as you can and you can do a lot. You can do a lot depending on where the person is because mostly that person hasn’t been on time, because every thyroid hormone they take screws them up, and so a lot of times.

You can get the thyroid immune inflammation to dampen significantly and at least have the person be able to walk around and live a normal life by dampening the immune response against their thyroid. Even the other thyroid is going to continue, unfortunately, to deteriorate over time, but there’s, things that you can do for that too.

So it’s like something you really really don’t want to have happen to you, but it is there and I wanted to I wanted to let you know that, because I’ve seen it enough. I just – and I just went to a seminar not that long ago, which it was for the first time, was the first time I’ve, actually ever heard of presenting in a seminar, and it was.

It was kind of interesting to see people’s, aha in the audience doctors who are learning this not for like oh, my god, that’s. What happened to Jane? Oh my god. I almost blew her brains out and I gave her more and they took it away and so on and so forth.

So it’s. It’s kind of new thought. It’s kind of a new understanding, but for you folks out there who take tyroid Armand it’s really made you jittery right away. You’re, either getting too much t3, which is the most common reason for that by the way or you have developed anybody’s to the to the to the t4 and at e3 hormones in all of your so and and every Single thyroid medication and that you takes that’s, another that’s, another red flag, if you take over from one medication to the next to the next, and you’re, just getting jacked up on every one of them Suggest your doctor very politely that maybe they should run antibodies to t3 and t4, and I said I would say very politely because they may not know to do that.

So you don’t want to show him up. He want him to like. Do it, you know you want him to help you out there, so, okay, so that’s. This is a pretty important one for a certain population out there. So I hope that population is attracted to this and and takes the opportunity to to get this kind of important information for them.

Okay, that’s. It for today see you again, you

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