Hashimoto’s and Low Dose Naltrexone

Hashimoto's and Low Dose Naltrexone

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Low Dose Naltrexone and Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, so this is kind of an interesting topic to me and and so low dose naltrexone is now being used by mostly alternative medical doctors for Hashimoto’s and the reason it’s interesting to me is because Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease, so so having been in the Hashimoto’s pool probably since the inception of people realizing that Hashimoto’s was an actual cause of their hypothyroidism.

I’ve watched the medical community struggle with this because they’re kind of boxed in too it’s, a thyroid problem when it’s, actually an autoimmune problem and they were – and they were totally boxed Into that, for probably the first 10 or 11 or 12 years that I was aware of Hashimoto’s, so you would go to the doctor, they would, they would look at you, they’d, say your thyroid is normal and they would And then, all of the symptoms that you got a Hashimoto’s, they would treat with a different medication.

So if you had constipation, they’d. Give you something for that and if you had pain they give you something for that and if you had, you know migraines or if you had or if you’re overweight, they they would try to give you something for that.

So so that’s, kind of how it was the the fact that that it was an autoimmune problem was was not even like considered and then later on. They started getting a little bit more than the medical communicate.

You started getting a little bit more like okay. This is, this is an automated problem, but we’re still just gonna give me the SH, and we’re still just gonna give you like all these drugs for all the different symptoms that the Hashimoto ‘

S is actually the time and then and then just in the last couple of years, now: Moreno, Nevada and this this has been a kind of – I know, people think of Reno Nevada. They probably think more, like casinos and divorce, and and and and things that we’ve, been to gambling, you know and and and things that we’ve been famous for prostitution.

Then we were famous for forever right. They probably don’t think that we’re, an alternative Mecca mekka of the country for years in the 70s early 80s, because if we had all those other things, then why not have alternative medicine right when alternative medicine, wasn’t very popular in any of the other states, so we have a lot of alternative medical practitioners here and and and they’re kind of forward-thinking, so this group seemed stuff started thinking.

You know this is an autoimmune problem, so maybe we should treat the autoimmunity so a number I saw. I have number of colleagues that will try hydrocortisone, which is an autoimmune which is a anti-inflammatory steroids medication.

Why? Because that dampens autoimmune responses, that’s? Pretty aggressive and and and a lot of the doctors, the one that used to work here. As a matter of fact, I had a I’ve. Had I’ve had pleasure working with a couple of Osteopathy here over the years, and and one of them really turned me on to the low dose naltrexone, so basically low dose naltrexone was another acknowledgment that it’s.

Not it’s, the thyroid being attacked it’s, not particularly the thyroid. That is, that is the main problem. Initially, ultimately, it becomes the problem because so much destruction, but we have to get inflammation down and low dose.

Naltrexone is the medication that Wow what it does is it creates endorphins. You know endorphins the feel-good hormone and if you’re a runner, you know what endorphins are you’re, a runner? You know like the first five or six or seven eight minutes those are grind and then, after that, all the sudden, you start getting this like ahhh and then you go into euphoria and so endorphins are what makes us feel good when we feel good.

We’re expressing endorphins and when you feel good, those endorphins will dampen, I mean inflammation and then so it’s kind of it’s, not like a heavy duty like approach like steroids, okay, but it’S it, it does help certain people to dampen the symptoms.

It frequently comes with, and I’ve tried it. Okay, it frequently comes with nightmares, and I’ve heard that a lot from from a lot of patients. I just have wanted a couple of days ago: those’ll trike stone and I was feeling better.

But, oh my god, the knight was acting like I was wake up and I was just like worn out and all that time was that that’s like the main negative side effect of it. I’m, not a medical doctor by the way. Just for the record, I’m, not prescribing year to go, tell you low dose naltrexone, but that’s, but that’s.

What it does and it can be, an adjunct. What it is is, though it is a band-aid okay, it is, it is a band-aid, it is not fixing anything it’s not getting to the you know you’re, not you’re, not digging into what the what The root causes are all of the triggers that are causing the inflammation.

That is, is that’s. Gon na that’s affecting your thyroid. You know, I mean, as I’m sitting here, yapping away my brains going. You know CBD oil is probably superior to that. If you’re receiving the oil fan, because CBD oil also dampens inflammation and and and that can help too, but neither one of those is like.

I don’t even use CBD oil, and I don’t use, and then I don’t refer for the low dose, no objection because and it’s, it’s, not that it’s, not in my arsenal. It’s that if you follow the proper procedures to go after your thyroid and and you find out what the triggers are and – and you get your things like your blood sugar under control and certain lifestyle changes.

And if you have toxins or don’t have a you get those under control, then that actually is more dampening the root causes and and controlling the immune response and putting that person into remission as opposed to just dampening it.

With with with those types of things, but but it’s, a you know, it’s, a legitimate tool in the toolbox for somebody who may be stuck when they’re, treating a patient and they want to give the Patient some dampening of the immune, inflammatory response, which will can dampen a lot of symptoms as you and and and again the the main problem with it is in nightmares.

It’s, not something that just happens occasionally. I have talked to scores of people. Have taken? Who’ve? Who’ve, gotten nightmares? That’s kind of what I know about it! That’s kind of what I’ve, experienced with it from treating treating fibromyalgia patients and and Hashimoto’s.

Patients in particular hope that’s helpful and that yeah. I think that’s. All I have on it, so, okay take care. You

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