Hashimoto’s and Lack of Dietary Diversity

Hashimoto's and Lack of Dietary Diversity

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Hashimoto’s and lack of dietary diversity, and we’re, going to be speaking about lack of dietary diversity, specifically relative to vegetables. This is not new material, but it’s not getting out there and it’s.

It’s. The the data is probably three four five years old and when I tell you what it is, you’re gonna understand why he’s, not yeah, because nobody wants to tell their patients to do this. I think, but we’ve, had tremendous success with this and so Hashimoto’s, so I should Meadows immune attacking at your thyroid and you’re.

Looking for all the triggers in the first place, this stuff, you know a good place to start, as always, diet. It’s, a lifestyle change and if you miss elements of the diet that are exacerbating that person’s immune responses, I don’t.

I don’t even know how you go anywhere from there and and figuring that out it’s, not easy. I mean we use autoimmune paleo diets. We use SIBO diets, we use paleo diets. We use oral tolerance diets, which we’re, going to talk about here in a minute we combine those with diets for for all service and and and and things of that, nature, so diets, quite quite significant and and and the aspect of food sensitivities Is is probably to me the most significant aspect of diet, figuring that out cuz think about it.

If you’re trying to fit, if you’re trying to dampen immune inflammation, and you’re on dr. Google and you’re trying the SIBO diet, but you’re eating foods every day. That are flaring up your your immune response in your in your in your intestines or you’re on the leaky gut diet or you’re on the automatic, whatever diet you’re on, I mean, if you’re flaring up in mewn inflammation every day by eating foods that you’re sensitive to and you don’t know that, because the response to that food isn’t occurring until a few days later, you’re gonna be the president comes in guys.

I’ve, tried everything. It works for three days a week or two, and then it fails so Dyson’s, huge shared shoe church and this oral tolerance thing that this this variety of foods is, is really proven to be important.

Fact: hey it. We’re. We’re, helping cases right now that in the past we literally just couldn’t help when we would miss this with a patient and in fact we’re starting to implement this in some manner, with almost everyone eventually.

So what is it so here’s? What it is. There was a study that was done a couple of years ago on the microbiome in harbor, and basically they studied every microbiome on the planet. Everyone every mon microbiome is is the is the three or four or five pounds of bacteria that’s in your gut, and it should be balanced between it’s, not 80/20.

I think it is 80 % good 20 % bad. Yes, there shouldn’t, be bad stuff in there to kind of keep the good alert and and working, and so so this this is the perfect balance, but they looked at every single country’s.

Microbiome they they did. They took biopsies from people who volunteered and found that and then they do and then they did indigenous tribes. In addition to that – and there was one tribe that was a nomadic tribe in this tribe 600 vegetables per year, because that’s.

What they did it just wandered around for food and an 8 600 vegetables make long story short. They had the number one best combination and best microbiome of anyone in the world and the United States, as you probably expect, has the worst so sorry way.

So the thing is, is what they saw was that these folks had such optimal physiology, neural, neurological function, gut function. Energy is just the whole thing and it wasn’t, particularly about being a vegetarian.

It was about and it wasn’t about eating a lot of vegetables. It was eat about eating a large variety of vegetables. You eat like the same seven or eight vegetables all the time. You know it’s and we all know what they are.

There were gonna be broccoli and they’re gonna be cauliflower, and they’re gonna be potatoes that are gonna, be carrots. I’m, have a hard time, even thinking of all of them, because we just eat keep even say.

Maybe some of you use asparagus a lot. You know things that, but basically corn, you know and of course a lot of these are the one you’re going yeah, I don’t need them, because I’m sensitive to them right exactly, okay, so so what They’re.

Finding is is that by varying your vegetables by eating 8 9 10 vegetables a day – and I know it sounds like a lot that your microbiome, your personal microbiome, will become attuned to your physiology and you will start getting the maximum benefit out of your gut.

Now. This is kind of like the end line of the leaky gut and the don’t, eat gluten and the food sensors, because, because this microbiome will heal your gut, it will cause you to have a proper back to imbalance.

For you, your Hashimoto’s is, is, is massively influenced by food sensitivities and it’s, masley influenced by leaky gut and it’s massively influenced by your immune system. Your secretory IgA on the inside of your intestines flaring up food sensitivities.

This doing this diet, or this adjunct to your diet, is why I hesitated there there’s. Adjunct to your diet, can literally change all that. Okay, I’ll. Give you an example, I that, and this will dampen the immune response to your thyroid tremendously.

I just got an email this morning. It is like the most amazing I’ve ever gotten there’s, a patient and she ‘ S got Hashimoto’s. This lady has not been able to eat for 40 years for 40 years. She has not been able to eat anything.

She’s, allergic to everything she’s been on a feeding tube for 40 years, and I I just read it not at 45 minutes ago, and I got she’s like four weeks into this project and it’s, it’s called the veggie mash.

We have people, we have people going out and buying massive amounts of vegetables and then and then putting him in that food processor and then creating these. These casserole dishes of of different vegetables that are ground up and then having them taking a little a little bit of each putting them in a teaspoonful.

Sometimes we have to drip it in. Sometimes people can eat it more. Depending on the sensitivity and this woman. Is she’s right now? I think if I it was about 12 or 14 foods that she’s now able to eat, and she can see that it’s getting more and better and better and better.

So her whole digestive chain is getting better. She’s now, starting to not have food sensitivities. The letter I almost get emotional because I did I almost didn’t. I told her. I don’t even know. You know.

I don’t even know if there’s a word for you. I said it makes sense, but we can try it. If you’re in, let’s, do it and let’s, see what happens, and this is what’s happening, so it’s. Really. This is really a major this.

This is you &. # 39 re gonna hear about this. It’s online or people who have some stuff online about how to do it. We do it. We don’t have anything online, particularly specifically how to do it yet and but but but changing your vegetables up just even if you went to a rotation diet so that you weren’t eating the same 2010-12 foods every week.

You know over and over right this for lunch on Tuesday and I eat this for this on Thursday and I eat these. You know eight vegetables during the week or five vegetables during the week would change your physiology so much that it would dampen the inflammatory responses against your thyroid and, frankly would help to heal a lot of the things that have, for example, created your leaky gut or Help you to keep your leaky gut better after you’ve tried after you’ve already done.

The online leaky got set of supplements with the leak you got died in that time was so-so so doing the variety of vegetables. Is it’s, a legitimate? If you see it anywhere else online? This is a legitimate new dietary regimen that, and I say, legitimate cuz unless stuff out there is they’re.

Just all they are are just variations on the themes of things that are out there, so they can write a new book or so they can say a new set of supplements or something like that and they work. But the point is, is they never work? Quite like the original, and they don’t work.

If, for example, you don’t, have your digestive system under control or and and or you don’t enough, a hydrochloric acid. If you’re stressed, or these types of things that always come back, this thing starts to fix the things that are stopping you from getting better with these other dietary regimen.

So so this so this, we call it a veggie mash that we put together. We’re, starting to have people drip it in after we get their baseline dye have figured out after we get their food sensors out. If they have massive food sensitivities, we just start out with this, and it has been a game-changer for us and those of you who need this.

The most you’re, the ones who struggle with histamine responses and and you’ve, been diagnosed with histamine problems and you’re, the ones who are probably going to benefit the most. As far as seeing your symptoms change.

But the rest of you, it’s, going to be much more subtle. It’ll dampen your thyroid and then here at the immune response against your thyroid. And then you ‘ Ll, see a lot of other other positive benefits from that, and it really cleans up the case.

Much quicker and – and it gives the practitioner a lot less things to have to deal with once that digestive chain and your microbiome become under control, so so that’s, a big one. Let me know what you think.

Let me know if you, if you’ve heard anything about it. Let me know if you’ve tried it, and, and if it’s been successful for you, it’s. It’s. One of those things that’s still ongoing in the understanding of what all of the benefits that can accrue.

So if you’re doing it and you have a lot of benefits you anything it’s more than that, the email that I just got talking about. Let me know I don’t. Imagine that you could but but it could be, that dramatic for you and and your in your autumn and you’re automating product problems, yeah alright, that’s.

It for today try to come up with something interesting for my next presentation. You

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