Hashimoto’s and Epstein–Barr Virus

Hashimoto's and Epstein–Barr Virus

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Epstein Bar Virus, the holy grail of hashimoto’s uh, or at least it used to be so. I’m in reno nevada and um about 40 minutes from here there’s, this beautiful small village up in it’s called incline village nevada, and there is a doctor who discovered years ago that epstein-barr virus probably had Something to do with chronic fatigue syndrome, this is before anybody knew about epstein-barr virus and, and so we had a lot of patients in common.

It was interesting to see his his thought was deal with. The immune system kill the virus and so on and so forth. I’m, not saying his name, because it didn’t feel like it went very well very well, but he was the first one to recognize that epstein-barr virus could have some sort of a an effect on this fatigue.

It turns out, in the end, if it does have an effect, it probably has an effect because it can be one of the viruses that affects your thyroid and you’ll notice. I said one of the viruses that affects your diet.

Now i’m, getting a lot of questions on epstein-barr virus because and i don’t. Remember the gentleman’s, name for a variety of reasons, because i don’t want to remember his name, who just wrote a book.

I think was last year the medical intuitive. I actually am not like adverse to medical intuitives. I don’t. I don’t, know for sure, but i’ve, seen some pretty impressive stuff from them, but this gentleman and author one day just had a flash out of nowhere that it was epstein-barr virus that was causing all hashimoto’S so he basically wrote a book on it and he said and then pretty much.

His model was the model of the original doctor who started epstein-barr virus, which is a doctor named dr dutis corazon, who’s. Still, probably the world’s, most reputable expert on it and does research on it to this day and as a clinician and and so he kind of ripped off dr crossy and stuff, and it made a lot of people think that it was all Epstein-Barr virus, so that’s, the baseline of what i’m, going to say: okay, because fc bar virus can be a trigger.

There are 39 known triggers of hashimoto’s. They are a ton of food sensitivities. There are, are some minerals believe it or not, that people think they should be taking rashimotos that will actually make them worse.

Um. There are lots of lifestyle factors, i mean anything goes without saying: insomnia, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, drugs, um, not sleeping properly unhealthy relationships are huge. I’m sorry, but if you’re like in a battle with your with your significant other and your divorce or or you’re going over, you know child custody things.

I mean i’ve, just seen that that goes to the next. One of stress. Imbalance in blood. Sugars is another one okay, so these are a lot of the 39 triggers everybody’s. A little different one could be for those one.

Could be two of those there’s chemicals? The chemicals have gotten a lot of play over the years, because the alternative medical profession, what their their world is pathogens their world is come in.

Here, let’s. Try to find out what it is. Let’s. Take out your metals. Let’s. Give you a shot, let’s. Do a let’s. Do a chelation! Let’s! Chelate your metals out of there let’s, let’s, take the pesticides and there’s, a certain amount of truth to that, but um these metals and these chemicals may or may not even be a problem.

And there’s still about 10 of them that are that are legitimately potential triggers for hashimoto’s, you throw those in with the probable 10 or 11 food groups that can be triggers for you, you throw those in with all the Lifestyle factors i just put in here and then you get the pathogens which i actually uh put near the end of how i would evaluate a hashimoto’s.

Patients and probably the number one pathogen by far that affects hashimoto ‘ S is not epstein-barr virus; it can be one of them. Um. Probably h, pylori is on the top of the list. There’s an there’s, a bunch of other ones.

If you, you know, if you get uh, if you’re drinking water out of a you know, mountain stream or you’re going to other countries, and you’re. Picking up different types of parasites. Candida candida can definitely be one hep c.

Hepatitis c can definitely be one. Cytomegalovirus can be one herpes virus. Six particularly can be one parvo virus can be one, a line, definitely can be one, and then epstein-barr virus is kind of. In with that group, and then there’s, a lot of confusion on the epstein-barr virus.

I had a patient yesterday i talked and said: well i tested positive for epstein-barr viruses. So what test did they say? I don’t know so there’s now a panel for epstein-barr virus and it’ll. Tell you it’ll, give you it’s, a it’s, four markers for epstein-barr virus, and so they they test different aspects of the immune system’s, response to epstein-barr virus, and there’S a way from that panel to tell you if it’s active or just been hanging around for a long time.

A lot of these pathogens are not. I mean this is, if you’ve ever seen our line stuff that we, this is like the core of what we talk about online and a lot of these pathogens are thought to be cured sometimes, but they’re not cured.

They kind of like they kind of like they’re smart. They’re smart. Let me use the example of antibacteria um resistance, anti anti um um. What sort i’m looking for like penicillin come on antibiotic. Thank you.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria and and it’s, a problem – i i i and, and so the people are dying every day. Kids are dying because they took so many uh antibiotics for so many different things and then and then there’s.

This virus, which is a smart which are smart, viruses or bacteria, which are smart bacteria, figured out how to get around the drug. These viruses are kind of like that, those of you who are lying patients – i mean you, you’ve got this all memorized.

Everybody comes in here with lyme that is fully bought into the to the model, and but a part of the truism of that is the virus does hide and so on. So it turns out a lot of these. Do that and epstein-barr viruses like that, so that can get so they can.

They can kind of hide until you become compromised and then they can kind of express themselves and the next thing you know if that’s, i mean if epstein-barr viruses is an issue, then what i’m looking for is, do you Feel, like you have absolutely do you feel, like you have a viral infection, do you feel, like you, have an active viral infection? Are you getting chills? Are you getting like feel like you got the flu and you get sweats you get swelling and your lymph nodes and all that type of stuff? Are you not? If you’re, not there’s, a good chance that that the epstein-barr virus is not a player.

Those of you have hashimoto’s, thyroiditis, where you’re tender and it gets swollen and then it goes and gets strongest. Then now in my world that steambar virus moves up the list on what being one of the possible or probable um triggers for that type of person and that type of person, the the the patient or perspective patient i was talking to yesterday, went and got i Don’t know if it was one shot or several shots of lysine, for it no change she didn’t have the type of symptoms that would make me think that a virus or a pathogen was was part of it, and so Uh so so again, there’s, a lot more to this, and and and in the defense of the of the it’s all metals and it’s all parasites and it’s all epstein virus, and It’s, all lyme groups.

All of these thought processes developed during a time when it was the wild wild west relative to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and these types of things because nobody knew what was going on. So everybody was grasping and as commonly um done, we those people started following the medical model.

Oh, it must be a bug that we’re, going to kill, and then the person’s going to get better. Well, we’re a couple of decades since understanding that that is not the case that these are multifactorial problems that there’s vicious cycles all over the place, the biggest the biggest thing you have to do to be successful in treating These types of cases is to be able to figure out the full.

The whole picture, the degree that you can before you even start to execute anything on the patient and that’s where epstein-barr viruses it’s in there. It’s in there i’ve had patients where you know they came in, i had they came from another doctor.

The other doctor did a really good job. Maybe the the epstein-barr virus, wasn ‘ T checked, we checked, maybe they had a little center-ness flew. We checked it. The next thing you know uh. We gave him some lysine.

We gave him some other things that’ll dampen viral, and there’s like half a dozen things or more. We gave him a couple of those things and i’m, like ah it’s, a miracle like a couple of days later. You know they were better because they had already taken care of the other things and that and they had the presentation of of uh absentee warfare, and i think this is the weak spot.

In a lot of our education, we’ve kind of issued. We’re trying to do exams anymore because we don’t get paid for them. People don’t get paid for them and they take a long time, and doctors need to take eight minutes to see you and all that, but you kind of have to do an exam a little bit of an exam to go man.

It feels like you got a viral infection. You can pick it up in the history, but but it’s kind of nice. If you go and they go. Oh, that’s tender. It’s. Swollen was it swollen. Last week, no it comes and goes and well now i’m, going to look for maybe maybe a viral infection or one of these other pathogens, so so that’s kind of skinny on epstein-barr.

So for those of you who have who have bought that book and actually a lot of stuff in that book on a treatment is good because it came from somebody else who knew what they were talking about and um and but but it’s.

Not all epstein-barr virus – and i i want you to like put that out of your head. If you had a positive episode of our bias, you don’t, have a lot of this stuff. Don’t, keep looking for the cure for epstein-barr virus start.

Looking for what the other 38 triggers might be all right. Okay, i think that covers it. Talk to you again next time i talk to you, you

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