Fibromyalgia – Cutting Through the B.S.

In our first episode in the Cutting Through the B.S. series we will tackle Fibromyalgia.  We discuss the different causes of this very confusing conditions as well as the many different treatment options that are out there and why many of them fail.  We will then further delve into what is causing the condition in many patients and treatment options we have found to work in our clinic.  Enjoy.

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  1. Finally – Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. My journey has been long and many, many different treatments for FMS. I was first diagnosed with RLS in 1987 (even though I had pain throughout my body). Iron deficiency, Vitamin B12 injections, Parkinson’s medications, Codeine, seizure medications….and on and on. I finally quit taking medications that did not help. My latest diagnosis, other than osteoarthritis, is Mild Cognitive Impairment which resulted in my retiring at 60 with Social Security Disability. Thank you – understanding is major for me.

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